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Salad Greens variety is key…

Adding different salad greens to salad can make a difference. Looking for ways to add salad greens to your diet? Do you enjoy salad but your iceberg lettuces is not cutting it, trying adding different greens for variety. Are you sick of salad, try using greens to make a great smoothie. You can’t get pass drinking […]

Weigh down – January

January weigh down is 21 pounds Congratulations to Weight Loss Group.  They worked off 21 pounds in January.  Looking for inspiration join us on Facebook.  Our Weigh Loss group meets on a weekly conference call to share and support each others journey. The 1st Sunday of each month we do our weigh and measure.  

Wellness Classes – Madeleine Fuqua Garden

Free Wellness Classes at Madeleine Fuqua Garden I am excited today I registered for Spring Classes at the Madeleine Fuqua Garden.  The Wellness classes are free and held on Saturday and Sunday’s, March 18 thru April 30.  You can register by calling Jack Benny Center for Arts 847-360-4740. Check them out on Facebook at GreenTown […]

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Saving Alerts is not just money it could be time, energy or our love for Mother Earth. Simple Solutions that helps you save so you can do more of what you love.


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