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You Are … Amazing, Rare, and Extraordinary

You are… Amazing, Rare and Extraordinary…YOU ARE!!!

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works.  And that my soul knows very well.”  NJKV

“I will offer You my grateful heart, for I am Your unique creation, filled with wonder and awe.  You have approached even the smallest details with excellence; Your works are wonderful; I carry this knowledge deep within my soul.”  The Voice

Today I wanted to share a simple acronym that will remind you of your greatness.  When I think of each of you I can honestly say you are…Amazing, Rare and Extraordinary…YOU ARE!!!  I think we all have moments where we feel invisible, common and ordinary.  Our lives are busy and full; and no matter how much we accomplish, there seems to be so much left to do.   It is easy to feel alone and or lonely as we struggle with our value and purpose in our world.  

You are ...

So, today, I woke with the thought that I am “rare.”  Yes, rare!  No longer will I see myself or others as part of a common collective.  But, rather we are exquisitely unique and rare individuals who change from moment to moment.  No two of us are alike no matter how many things connect us.  We bring that rarity of the self, what we truly (ARE), every moment to the table.  It is up to us to develop, nurture and hone that uniqueness so that we present our best and authentic self more often than not.  There is no one else to be you so you have got to do the best job at being  the “YOU “ARE”  that you can be and do for each moment you live and breathe.

As suddenly as I heard and connected with the word “rare” I heard “extraordinary” and “amazing.”  It was then that my spirit whispered: “you are…Amazing, Rare and Extraordinary…YOU ARE!!!  I bolted out of bed and grabbed my cell phone I needed to share this word of encouragement with my daughter, my son, my husband and my sisters.  I wanted to remind them who they “ARE.”  I wanted them to feel the love I felt when those words resonated throughout my being.  I wanted them to all a simple acronym to shape their day.  I wanted them to awaken to who they “ARE.”  

My next thought was to share this with everyone.  I talked by text to my GM, and thought to myself, let me share this special thought with someone who has so positively impacted my life over the last year.  Without hesitation I shared “ARE.”  The list I have in my heart and mind to share is long and filled with “ARE” people.  I  hope that as you connect with who  YOU “ARE” that you will share with others.   

I have often asked you to share with us how our words impact your lives.  Please share with us how this little nugget of truth impacts you and those you share it with.  Connect with us on  Be inspired! Be encouraged!  Be transformed!

Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!!

Ms. Sheila

drshelution: I AM Statement

I know who I am, Do you know who you are?

The words are synonymous with God. You are who you say that you are. I encouraged my weight loss group to create their I am statement and repeat it every morning.  Words are so powerful, and so often we use negative words each day to describe ourself.  When the words are not spoken our thoughts become our enemy. 

Repeat after me. I am Great,  I am Valuable, I am Happy,  I am Amazing.  Sheila wrote a post last year “You are amazing”  check it out.


I Am


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Watch this great video by the late Wayne Dyer:

I used a I am creator and made this I am statement several years back.  I keep it to remind myself who I am and where I was at that point in my life. 

I am Dedicated and Determined

I wonder about life mysteries

I hear the voice of your heart

I see answers to problems


I want life to matter

I see the world thru God’s eyes

I am your friend


I Pretend I am not afraid

I feel the weight of the world

I touch sensitive areas that need healing

I worry my words may be misunderstood

I cry when I am not heard

I am the voice of reason


I understand life is short

I say eat the meat and leave the bone

I dream of endless possibilities

If nothing changes, then nothing changes


I am who I am

Because of what I believe…

Roxanne Wilkening 

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Chia Seeds added to your diet

Benefits of Chia Seeds in your diet.

Chia Seeds has emerged; with really groundbreaking promises and benefits from nutrition in the form of phosphorous, magnesium, protein and fiber, to help people with heart problems, weight issues etc. Let’s explore the benefits of Chia Seeds in your diet.  But before that let’s explore the origin of these seeds!

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Seeds of Salvia Hispancia are known as the Chia Seeds and this plant is a member of the mint family. This plant is native of only South America and the seeds are black and white in color. From the ancient times Chia Seeds were used as an important diet part of Mayans and Aztecs. The word Chia was given by the Mayans as it means ‘strength’. The following benefits can be achieved by adding these miraculous seeds to your diet. The suggested serving to obtain necessary benefits are 2 tablespoons per day about 120 calories. Although; this is a natural food, we recommend consulting your doctor with all dietary changes.

1. Nutrients – Chia Seeds are filled with many nutrients that are necessary elements for our physical health. Chia Seeds; provide energy and helps in reducing fat, making it a first choice of people who are seeking a healthy diet with weight reduction benefits. The nutrients strengthens the immune system and helps protect the body from harmful bacteria and allergens.

2. Antioxidants qualities – Chia Seeds have high amounts of antioxidants that helps the body to flush out toxins that creates health issues. They are also very helpful for fighting against production of cancer cells. Chia Seeds are said to have 30 percent more antioxidants than blueberries.

3. Suitable for weight loss – This is a perfect dietary element that you can easily add to your diet. It contains fiber and protein that reduces weight without affecting functionality of the body. It doesn’t lower the energy level of the body which is also an added advantage of Chia Seeds. The Chia Seeds will increase ten times its size when added to water or liquid resulting in feeling full and less hunger. Hence, potentially reducing the amount of food intake.

4. Omega 3 fatty acids – These magical seeds contains large quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids. This fat was only found in fish which many people avoid. This fatty acid is crucial for reducing weight as it helps to remove solid fats and toxins from body.

5. Good for hair and skin – They are also helpful for looking younger as they reduce ageing signs and helps for radiant fair skin. Many people have acclaimed that they have received healthy hair benefits as a results also by the regular intake of these amazing seeds.

To help you with adding Chia Seeds to your diet, sign up for our weekly newsletter for Chia Seed recipes and other Transformation Tips.

Accountability Tip 69 – Stay Connected

Accountability Tip 69: Stay Connected

Our Accountability Tip this week is committing to staying connected to family. We encourage you to take whatever moments you can and make them memorable. You may not be able to visit that special someone in person but make a phone call, a video chat or face time. It is not how much but the quality of time you spend.


Sunflower Field

We live about 140 miles from our parents. Sometimes it is difficult to coordinate our schedules and make the trip. But, our commitment has been for my sister and I to go at least once monthly even if it’s only a one-day turn around.
Today was the day, so off we went, road trip to Indiana. Sometimes our families go and sometimes we travel alone. Today we brought my husband so he could drive back another vehicle.

We met our father in a neighboring town and he said he had something for us to see. We ended up taking the back roads back to the house and we came upon fields of the most beautiful sunflowers you ever imagined. Row after row, these gorgeous flowers were stretching their sunflower faces towards the sun. It was amazing to see my dad and sister taking pictures, laughing and enjoying these beautiful sunflowers. Yes, one mysteriously made it to the car and continued our journey with us. Dad laughed and said I was going to get you the flower, but your sister brought the whole stem. The flower is almost as tall as her, chuckling as he got back into the car. This story I am sure will be told in many variations for a long time.

We finally made it to the house where my mom had prepared a feast fit for queens. All I can say is “there is no place like home.” My mom shows love through her cooking, and despite going through a rough year with her health; she has managed to hold on to her “A” game as it pertains to the magic that comes from her kitchen. Truly “it was all good.”

We did a few chores and before we knew it the time had come to depart. We loaded up our cars, said our goodbyes and headed home with joy in our heart, contentment and memories. It might not have been the most weather perfect day and it wasn’t a prime weekend but we were creating great memories.

So commit to visiting your family and friends on a regular basis. Although it takes time, but it is time well spent enjoying the people you love.
Much love, many blessings…Namaste!!! Sheila