Accountability Tip 69 – Stay Connected

Accountability Tip 69: Stay Connected

Our Accountability Tip this week is committing to staying connected to family. We encourage you to take whatever moments you can and make them memorable. You may not be able to visit that special someone in person but make a phone call, a video chat or face time. It is not how much but the quality of time you spend.


Sunflower Field

We live about 140 miles from our parents. Sometimes it is difficult to coordinate our schedules and make the trip. But, our commitment has been for my sister and I to go at least once monthly even if it’s only a one-day turn around.
Today was the day, so off we went, road trip to Indiana. Sometimes our families go and sometimes we travel alone. Today we brought my husband so he could drive back another vehicle.

We met our father in a neighboring town and he said he had something for us to see. We ended up taking the back roads back to the house and we came upon fields of the most beautiful sunflowers you ever imagined. Row after row, these gorgeous flowers were stretching their sunflower faces towards the sun. It was amazing to see my dad and sister taking pictures, laughing and enjoying these beautiful sunflowers. Yes, one mysteriously made it to the car and continued our journey with us. Dad laughed and said I was going to get you the flower, but your sister brought the whole stem. The flower is almost as tall as her, chuckling as he got back into the car. This story I am sure will be told in many variations for a long time.

We finally made it to the house where my mom had prepared a feast fit for queens. All I can say is “there is no place like home.” My mom shows love through her cooking, and despite going through a rough year with her health; she has managed to hold on to her “A” game as it pertains to the magic that comes from her kitchen. Truly “it was all good.”

We did a few chores and before we knew it the time had come to depart. We loaded up our cars, said our goodbyes and headed home with joy in our heart, contentment and memories. It might not have been the most weather perfect day and it wasn’t a prime weekend but we were creating great memories.

So commit to visiting your family and friends on a regular basis. Although it takes time, but it is time well spent enjoying the people you love.
Much love, many blessings…Namaste!!! Sheila


    • admin says

      Thanks for your comment and yes mom and the “Beaty Family” has loved a lot of people around the dinner table. Everyone feels special and thinks each dish was made especially for them. I guess that was the gift of love that grandma gave us.

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