Coloring is Back: Art Therapy

Coloring is back in vogue.

Dr SheLution is all about simple solutions that transform your life. At times I think we all feel that the search for simple is difficult and complex. We are no longer children who are appeased by treats of candy, ice cream and our favorite baked goodies.   Most of the childhood games we played are but distant memories. Jacks, marbles and board games have become collectables for the child who is now an adult. Running, jumping, playing, screaming, laughing and quiet moments imagining have taken a back seat to busy schedules, hectic lifestyles and way too little time.

Art Therapy

A few years ago Zentangle and other such ideas came on the scene. An adult way to relax by doing a type of doodle.   Classes cropped up, books were written and the age-old idea of coloring to relax was resurrected.   No longer an activity relegated to toddlers, preschoolers and art students. Coloring is back in vogue. There are meditation, relaxation and a myriad of other coloring books available at your local bookstores, big box stores and wholesale outlets. These books are designed to allow you to release the pressure in your life. It is no longer necessary to create or color according to a preconceived plan or idea. This new concept allows you to do what you want the way you want to do it. Color inside or outside the lines. Use crayons; colored pencils, regular pencils, markers or what ever sparks your creative heart. The whole idea is allow yourself to be in the moment, to let go and for a time just flow.

This simple activity falls into our category of a simple solution to transform your life. Use it to de-stress; reconnect with yourself and other family members. Allow yourself a few moments to go back in time and just be. No such thing as a wrong color selection, no such thing as wrong period. This my dears is just an activity of “its all good.”



I have seen books in every price range so this will fit every budget.   You can also take plain paper; scribble, doodle or draw, add color or not. The idea is allow this simple activity to transform your time from hectic, hurried and chaotic to peace, tranquility and serenity. This is symbolic of releasing and letting go. Allowing the pent up emotions of creativity to flow out making room for new creative energy to flow inside.


I have purchased my own books and set of fresh coloring utensils.   I am amazed at how this simple purchase has caused me to unplug and just take a few moments to relax, reflect, meditate and contemplate. It has been a simple tool that has brought healing to my life. I encourage you to try it?

Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!!

Ms. Sheila

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