Embrace Change: Give something away

Its better to give than to receive.

Today embrace change by giving something away. In America we are blessed with abundance. Today share the love by giving something away. Remember one mans junk is another mans treasure.Sheila Evans is a master at turning used things into master pieces. Remember I made mittens from old sweaters. It can be anything, a book, magazine or cloths, etc.

Embrace Change Nov 10


Embrace Change – Family Game Night

Enjoy Game Night with the Family.

This one is for Sheila Evans. When she was in Washington one great memory that she had with Mahlon Terrell Evans was Friday Family Game night. Tomorrow they are forecasting rain, grab a pizza and enjoy game night with the family.

Go old school, play Sorry, Monopoly or Clue. Do you have another game night favorite? You may choose a card game like Old Maids for the younger ones or Spades for the teens.  Make it special, turn off the TV and just enjoy each other.

Family Game Night

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Embrace Change

Embrace Change – Write a Love Letter

 Embrace Change – Write a Love Letter to you.

Before you can love someone else, you must first love yourself.  Today write a love letter to yourself.  Tell yourself all the reasons that you love you.  Your warm smile (remember yesterday) and our generous heart.  It doesn’t matter if you are a little over weight or your hair is gray. What really matters is that you love you.  

Write a Love Letter

Embrace Change – Meditate for 5 mins

Embrace Change – Meditate for 5 mins

Oops … I got ahead of myself and posted November 3 this morning.  So here is Embrace Change for November 2nd.  Sometime we do get in a hurry, and we just need to slow down and breathe.  

Start your tomorrow off with Meditation/Prayer.  Set the pace for a great day.

Meditate for 5 Mintes

Embrace Change – No Texting Today

Embrace Change – Have a text free day.

Remember  when we would pick up the phone and call our love ones. For some this is like asking for their fist born, when we say no texting. Can you do it?  So we don’t go into shock you can use your phone for everything else, just no texting. 


No texting today