Accountability Tip 5 – “Ask for Help”

“Ask for Help!Help


Here’s an excerpt from “How to Ask for Help from People You Respect”  by Matthew Alexander Sloane

Matthew states in his article, there’s a lot of fear that comes up when I’m about to ask for help.

  • What if they say “no” to my request?
  • What if they ignore my request?
  • What if they see my request as a waste of time?

If you can identify with any of these answers take time today and read his article it may HELP.

How to ask for help from people you respect.

Accountability Tip 4 – “Why”

Which side of your “Why” is prompting you to change?  What is  getting you energized and ready for action? Use the energy behind the “Why” to drive your dreams.

Positive “Why”

  • I enjoy teaching people
  • I want to buy “XYZ”
  • Extra money
  • etc.

Negative “Why”

  • Lose weight because of health problems
  • Lost home
  • For someone else
  • No money
  • etc.




Accountability Tip 3

Learn to Schedule Your Time

You’ll be able to get everything done and you’ll feel less pressured.

  • For the next few days, write down everything you do and the time you spend doing each activity.
  • At the end of the week, tally up the time you spent doing each activity.
  • Can you make better use of your time?