Narrow your focus – Tyler Perry

Narrow your focus were words that resonated with my spirit.

I woke up this morning wondering am I on the right path.  My heart needed some encouragement.  This post from Tyler Perry came across my Facebook feed and it was what I needed to hear.  

  • Narrow your focus.
  • Plant and water the seed.
  • Don’t Stop.

Thanks Tyler Perry for blessing someone you don’t know.

Customer Service: Expired Coupon

Instead of saying no to an expired coupon give it a value.

When you consider the cost of advertising, why do retailers say no to an expired coupon? Here’s my thought. If I like your product so much that I am carrying your coupon in my wallet, give me something if it’s expired. Some retailers honor the coupon, while others are old school and want to create a since of urgency.


Here’s an alternative just assign a value to expired coupons. It’s a win/win I get something and you get something. If you really want to be creative also give an”early bird” value for those customers who can’t wait to get their hands on your product.

Sure, there will always be that customer who want the full value, but I think giving something is better than just saying no. Ok marketing guru, have fun with making this happen.


Roxanne Wilkening M.S. Ed.



Embrace Change: Question to my manager

Managers think about what you are saying…

Associates are thinking…

Why is it when I come in 5 minutes late, you say I need to get here on time.

But… If you need me to stay over, you say I need to be flexible.

Let’s Embrace Change and subtract a point each time they stayed over to protect the business.

Question for manager

Workout Alternative

Don’t want to workout today? Here’s your alternative.

Either you can plan to workout or you can make plans for the alternative, “Your Choice”.  Taking 30 minutes to workout want kill you, but not working out will.  Take 30 minutes of your day to give the gift of life and energy to your body.


Embrace Change: Give something away

Its better to give than to receive.

Today embrace change by giving something away. In America we are blessed with abundance. Today share the love by giving something away. Remember one mans junk is another mans treasure.Sheila Evans is a master at turning used things into master pieces. Remember I made mittens from old sweaters. It can be anything, a book, magazine or cloths, etc.

Embrace Change Nov 10


Embrace Change – Family Game Night

Enjoy Game Night with the Family.

This one is for Sheila Evans. When she was in Washington one great memory that she had with Mahlon Terrell Evans was Friday Family Game night. Tomorrow they are forecasting rain, grab a pizza and enjoy game night with the family.

Go old school, play Sorry, Monopoly or Clue. Do you have another game night favorite? You may choose a card game like Old Maids for the younger ones or Spades for the teens.  Make it special, turn off the TV and just enjoy each other.

Family Game Night