Portion Control – DIY Snack Bowl

Control your portion with this DIY Snack Bowl 

Making my own snack bowl to control my portions and save money. This bowl has dates, cheese, cashews, and grapes. I used a 2 cup Pyrex bowl with lid. Use this bowl to create a healthy snack bowl. This bowl holds my morning and afternoon snack. 

I keep myself accountable by using Pyrex bowls, I use the 1 cup, 2 cup, and 4 cup.

I wish Pyrex made a glass half cup size with lid, it would be a perfect set.

I’ll keep you posted on my weight loss using my bowls.

Pyrex Bowl

Pyrex Bowl

Salad Greens variety is key…

Adding different salad greens to salad can make a difference.

Looking for ways to add salad greens to your diet?

  • Do you enjoy salad but your iceberg lettuces is not cutting it, trying adding different greens for variety.
  • Are you sick of salad, try using greens to make a great smoothie.
  • You can’t get pass drinking the ‘green guck’ your greens to a sandwich.

Whether you eat salad, drink a smoothie or add your greens to a sandwich add variety. To get the full benefit of your greens rotate them and/or mix them.  You may want to check out the article on Everyday Heath – The Best Salad Greens for Your Health. Remember variety adds spice to your life.


salad greens


How are you dressing your greens? Do you buy store brought dressing, semi-homemade or homemade. Make sure you check the label all dressing are not created equal. Also remember the serving size for salad dressing is 2 tablespoons.


Weigh down – January

January weigh down is 21 pounds

Congratulations to Weight Loss Group.  They worked off 21 pounds in January.  Looking for inspiration join us on Facebook

Our Weigh Loss group meets on a weekly conference call to share and support each others journey.

 January weigh down

  • The 1st Sunday of each month we do our weigh and measure.

1st Sunday weigh and measure


drshelution: 1 hour workout

A hour workout is 4% of your day.

Give yourself 4% you are worth it.  If you don’t think you are worth 4% who else will?  Here’s a challenge start with 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, that 150 minutes. You can do that watching TV. 

4-percent of your day


Old or young you are still worth 4%.  If you don’t want to go to the gym, try these chair exercises that I seen on Facebook. Believe me, it is a workout.  




A hour workout is 4% of your day.

Weight Loss Tips: Fish, Milk and Fruit

This weeks Weight Loss Tips for fish, milk and fruit.

Looking for some quick and simple weight loss tips check out our “Quotes – Weight Loss” 

Tip 16

Try an unfamiliar fruit or vegetable today.  (pomegranate, kiwi, eggplant,plantain, star fruit, bok chop, etc.)


Tip 17

People who drank skim milk instead of fruit juice at breakfast eat about 9 percent fewer calories at their midday meal.


Tip 18

A serving if a thinner fillet of fish is about the size of a checkbook.


Water Challenge

Do you drink enough water? Try this water challenge.

Water Challenge

Drink 4 bottles per day, 28 bottles a week.

Before I took this water challenge, I thought I drank a lot of water. I was wrong. Yes, I do drink a lot of water, but I found I was not consistent on a daily bases. 

The challenge was to drink 4 bottles of water per day for 7 days.  I purchased a 32 pack of Nestle Pure Life Water from Walmart for only $3.98.  I numbered the bottles 1 to 28. The goal was to drink 4 bottles per day, it didn’t  seem like a lot, until I started drinking them.  

4 bottles of waters

On day 2,  I had only consumed 1.5 bottles by 4:30 pm. I drank the 4 bottles,  but you know what that meant.  Yes, I was running to the bathroom all night long. After that incident,  I started checking the number on the bottle top to ensure I was on track so I would not repeat that mistake again.  

Quick note to my “Green Lovers”,  I know plastic bottles are bad for the environment, but this is a great test for accountability and accuracy. So often, we over estimate the amount of water we are consuming, at least I did.  Feel free to adjust the test to a more environmentally safe container if you feel more comfortable. 

Back to the test; at the end of 7 days this should give you a good ideal on how much water you are consuming.  At the end of 7 days, look at the results to determine if any adjustments are needed.  

Water Challenge drink 28 bottles of water in 1 week. Thats 4 bottles per day for 7 days. Click To Tweet

Stephanie was a part of our 30 day trial when she took this challenge,  she found it difficult to drink 4 bottles each day.  She said “I can get 3 down, but I am having problems with the 4th”.  I suggested she drink half a bottle of water when she first get up and the last half in the evening before bed. It worked, that simple adjustment made the difference.  Stephanie also noted that infusing her water with fruits made it easier for her to drink.

Water is essential in your weight loss journey. Taking this challenge will give you a true insight on how much you are consuming.