Chia Recipes: Yogurt Blueberries

Chia Recipes: Yogurt Blueberries with Chia seeds.

Are you looking for Chia Recipes that are quick and easy? Look no more; it is as easy as sprinkling seeds over your yogurt snack. Boom! Done!


Chia Recipes: Yogurt Blueberries with Chia Seeds

Blueberries, Yogurt and Chia Seeds


Adding Chia seeds to your yogurt gives it a nutty crunchy texture but packs in the extra nutrients gained from the seed. When first being introduced to Chia I recommend that you start with one tablespoon gradually increase to two. This will give your body time to adapt to the increased fiber. Also, with taking increased amounts of fiber you must ensure that you drink plenty water.


You say that was no Chia Recipe, how about “Chia Blueberry Yogurt Dots”.


Homemade yogurt dots are easy, drop dots of yogurt on a cookie sheet and freeze for 2 hours and you have yogurt dots. To boost your antioxidants lets dip blueberries into yogurt and then dip into Chia seeds.


I tried this and after ten berries I was tired. Who really has the time to dip berries into yogurt and then dip into Chia seeds? Yes; if this were a fancy brunch maybe I would take the time, but I wanted something simple.


Here is a Simple Solution to “Blueberry Yogurt Dots”. Rinse your berries, top with yogurt and spoon on Chia seeds, and fold mixture to avoid smashing berries. Spread mixture onto cookie sheet and freeze for 2 hours or until frozen. I covered my sheet with wax paper and then spread the mixture.


Chia Seed Recipes:  Yogurt Blueberries and Chia Seeds

Chia Blueberry Yogurt Dots


I enjoyed these more as a morning snack at work because they were not straight from the freezer, however some will love the frozen crunch.


Chia Blueberry Yogurt Dots


2 Tablespoons Chia Seeds

5 oz Greek yogurt

1 cup blue berries

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