Customer Service: Expired Coupon

Instead of saying no to an expired coupon give it a value.

When you consider the cost of advertising, why do retailers say no to an expired coupon? Here’s my thought. If I like your product so much that I am carrying your coupon in my wallet, give me something if it’s expired. Some retailers honor the coupon, while others are old school and want to create a since of urgency.


Here’s an alternative just assign a value to expired coupons. It’s a win/win I get something and you get something. If you really want to be creative also give an”early bird” value for those customers who can’t wait to get their hands on your product.

Sure, there will always be that customer who want the full value, but I think giving something is better than just saying no. Ok marketing guru, have fun with making this happen.


Roxanne Wilkening M.S. Ed.



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