Free YouTube Workouts, check it out…

Yes, Check out Free YouTube Workouts  

If going to the gym is too overwhelming or does not fit into your budget and/or schedule check out free YouTube workouts.  YouTube has 100’s and I mean 100’s of workouts that are absolutely free.  All you need is a YouTube account which is free.  By the way, sign up to our  YouTube channel,  we have an exercise playlist for the ones I have tried.

Free YouTube Workouts

Free YouTube Workouts


With today’s technology you can access YouTube from your, Blu-Ray or any TV with a wi-fi connection.  If you don’t have a Blu-ray order this Sony BDPS3200 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi.  A Blu-ray can be less than a gym membership and you can exercise in the privacy of your home.  For additional variety and free fun go to the library for workouts and entertainment video’s.  Here’s three workouts that I have added to my playlist on YouTube.  

3 – Free Workouts on YouTube

“Billy Blanks Tae Bo Advance YouTube Exclusive” is a high impact workout which is fun and a great workout.  This video begins with nice stretches, a complete workout and ends with cool down exercises.



  • “30 days of Yoga” – This is a 30 day challenge. (Just starting myself)  Yoga is a great low impact exercise.  By adding yoga to your life you can increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone. Yoga can also lead to weight reduction as well as cardiovascular and circulatory health.


  • “How to Burpee?  Burn Fat Fast Workout” – If you love a challenge or reached a plateau  try this Burpee Workout.  Burpees work your entire body, boost your endurance and can be done anywhere.


The above is just examples of workouts that I enjoy, check out free YouTube workouts for your self.  Utilizing free YouTube workouts is a great way to add variety or eliminate any excuses you may have for not working out.

Whether you choose these free YouTube videos or a membership at your local gym; opportunities abound in every price category.  The idea is to not let your budget restrict you from starting an exercise program this year.  This can be your first step to creating the new you in 2015.  



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