Inspiring Stories: Do You Conform

Do you conform?

Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Whether it is family, friends or coworkers; we are attracted by the difference in each other, but in time we seek to make others conform.  It makes us feel more comfortable and helps us to achieve our agenda.  How would life be if we were able to celebrate and embrace our differences?  What would happen if we lived our authentic self and become mirrors that reflect an opportunity for others to transform if so desired.  How would we feel if we allowed it to be okay to let others be who or what they chose to be?  If you could be and do you while releasing the need to fulfil some preconceived persona, what would that look like?

A few years ago; I chose to leave my spiritual practice with small groups, to go out in the workplace to live my values.  I chose a retail environment because I would impact and be impacted by people from all walks of life.  One might question that choice and some did and shared their concern.  Yet, I chose this avenue because it was crucial to me that I practiced what I preached.  This setting would gift me with a myriad of people to work with, be engaged with and be impacted by I would not have the luxury of knowing them to pre determine their mood, attitude or responses to me.  Maybe on occasion I would interact with someone I knew but more than likely they would be strangers.  In mere moments I would have to make a connection and put my version of customer service and loving kindness into action with the hope that I could make a difference a positive memorable impact and grow and develop personally in the process.

A wonderful company chose me and I proceeded to be dedicated and determined to excel and develop as the queen of customer service understanding that I had to be the change I wanted to see.  Everyday, each day no matter how I felt I had to make a conscious decision to “be” my values.  I wanted to feel the impact myself and have it affect the leadership team, the associates and our clients.  In my mind to be effective at customer service or better said serving customers with lovingkindness is to create this full circle which starts with the “self.”

It took everything in me not to conform to the attitudes and disposition of my work environment.  I also had to be disciplined enough to maintain my values in every aspect of my life.  This included home, work and play, 24/7, all day everyday.  This was not a game of make believe to me I wanted it to be real.  Well,let me tell you, sometimes you just want to give in and conform; but I had gotten a taste of the transformative life and I wanted more of it.  During my last year with this company I decided to wear my hair natural and endure all that the process entailed.  I used all the creativity I could muster to be my authentic self, stay true to my values and achieve my goals while corralling my self esteem.  I must say achieving the confidence to go through this change at this time of my life was yet again another struggle in the conform or transform journey.

My effort was rewarded when I was offered an opportunity to move to my present company.  I am continuing to develop and execute my “serving people with lovingkindness model.”  Taking into account the admonishment given when preparing to take flight on an airplane you first put on your mask then you assist others I knew it was important to make changes in me before and during this process if I could ever hope to make a change in others.

So, I embark on a daily journey of resurrecting aspects of myself that are authentic, burying the parts that do not work, and allowing grace to mold me in ways I could not have imagined.  Either way I am in the transformation process and I am in too far to start conforming now.  That means that I exude loving kindness, joy and happiness, I love to “guild the lily”–hello jewelry real, fake and gaudy, natural curly, kinky and funky hair, makeup or none and a sense of style that is all my own.  Get to know me and you will find the real deal in an authentic package sometimes eccentric and over the top at other times relaxed and carefree.

Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!!  Ms Sheila


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