Mittens from old sweaters

DIY – Mittens

I went to a craft show and seen mittens made from old sweaters.  I was so excited I went home that night and searched for a DIY on Pinterest and YouTube. Can I just tell you I love the internet.  If you want to learn anything, search the internet and you will find it.

Sweater Mittens

Mittens from old sweater

Back to my mittens, when I say easy, this is a beginners project. You will have completed mittens within 2 hours.   Yes, from start to finish, done, ready to wear. The pattern is only 3 pieces.

Mitten Pattern


I went to the Goodwill and found a wool sweater for $3.00.  You can use a heavy knit but I prefer using a wool sweater.  For the lining I used fleece pj shorts.

Wool Sweater


I looked at several YouTubes and Pins on Pinterest but the best one for me was Sandy Luft-Schafer.  I liked Sandy video best because it was easy to follow and she included the pattern.

Need material:

  • Wool sweater
  • fleece material (old pj, shorts)
  • thread
  • paper
  • scissors
  • straight pins

Pattern – from Sandy Luft Schafer YouTube (below)

To Receive the Pattern:

  1. Email: “”
  2. An email will be returned instantly
  3. Click the links in the email
  4. Select “Print”
  5. Happy Sewing!!

This pattern is so easy I have already made 3 pair.  If you try it send me a picture.

Thanks Roxanne



  1. Monica Beaty says

    Thank you so much for sharing, I’m going to begin gather my material this weekend!! Great project for our women’s group, thank you, dr. SheLution!!

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