OneSight: Give Time, Give Money, Give Service

OneSight – Give Time, Give Money, Give Service

Today I had a wonderful “sharing” experience. I work for LensCrafters and today our company sponsored a OneSight event. OneSight is our charitable organization that gives us the opportunity to share with those in need of an eye exam and/or glasses. Our stores opened prior to our posted business hours to share the OneSight opportunity and were fully staffed by volunteer hours. This means that those of us that wanted to share and participate had to come in on our day off or come in early and still work our full schedules after the event. We staggered our arrival times so that we would be prepared to meet the needs of our OneSight guests.




When I approached the doors of our store I was greeted by the excited sounds of children. These young children were looking at tray after tray trying to find the perfect pair of glasses to call their own. I was early as usual, excited and ready to get started, I secured my things, got direction from the “manager on duty” and headed to the party.

Our whole store participated led by our General Manager; the retail team, the doctors and the lab crew. We combined our efforts with a sister store and their team. We were also privileged to work with our Regional General Manager. It was a great thing to see all of us work side by side; managers, associates, doctors and the lab, all for a common cause.

We were a team and our prime directive was to change the lives of our guest through the gift of sight. If you have never seen children see clearly; who may not have seen clearly before, then you may not understand our dedication or our joy. The nurses and teachers who managed the children were great. The group was polite and very well behaved. The sharing of our time was so well received it made it extra special and very meaningful. The smiles on their faces was our payment. The trajectory of these children’s life could change simple because now they could see. Volunteering, giving and sharing the opportunity made us a part of it.

If you are looking for a worthwhile charity check out OneSight and stop in at your local LensCrafters to make a donation. Log onto to share your stories of giving and charities that make a difference. Also sign your friends and loved ones up for our newsletter.

Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!!