Our Team

Our Team – Two Sisters
Roxanne Wilkening
Roxanne Wilkening : My story is simple; I want to change my life. The older I get the harder it is to change or at least it seems that way. Therefore, I am on a journey to find simple steps to transform my life. I want my life to be like the caterpillar that changes to the butterfly. Something that’s so natural and organic that you would never question the steps you need to take. So here is my journey from the changing of my hair, to the food that I eat, to the life I want to live. Here is my motto in life: the race is not to the swift or strong but to those who endure to the end. From the words of Steven W. , if nothing change then nothing changes. Join me on my journey. Try things that I have found and share things that have worked for you.
Sheila Evans
Sheila Evans : Who am I? I am a spiritual being having a human experience delighted to share my journey with those willing to listen. I am creative and love to find the beauty in a myriad of things. I am known to see the diamond in the rough. Life for me is a journey not a destination of right or wrong. A journey of relearning how to love beginning with myself and allowing that love to spill over to others. Setting aside expectations and being okay doing the best I can with the information on hand at the time. I am embracing bringing to life living not only one day but one moment at a time. This joint venture with my sister and very best friend my “Shero” Roxanne is allowing me the privilege to share concepts and ideas we have gathered on our journey through life. It is our opportunity to share our inner and outer transformation with you. I am most thankful for my family. I have been married to David for 33 years; we have a son, Mahlon, and a daughter, SheDavia, thirteen years apart. I have loving parents and two wonderful sisters along with their families and God gifted me with a sister from the heart. I love to read, cook, bargain shop, decorate and plan events. I am an ordained pastor and a spiritual as well as Reiki master teacher. Most of all I am the living breathing expression of a living and loving God.