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Guest Post Agreement

  • Give all rights to Dr. SheLution to publish on, social media accounts and/or advertisement for Dr. SheLution
  • Waive rights to any compensation received from article.Make a difference
  • Documents should be a minimum of 300 words broken into short readable paragraphs.
  • Post should be a benefit to the reader and not self promotion. Use examples and anecdotes to clarify points and enhance readers understanding.
  • All guest posts must be useful to the Dr. SheLution audience and topic cataloged in one of the following areas.
  • Transformation Tip – Life example, recommendation
  • Savings Alert – money, time or energy
  • Recipes – Family favorites or credit origin of recipes
  • All guest posts must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
  • Graphic image (royalty-free) must be attached separately. (Transferring rights to for Dr.SheLution use)
  • No guest posts may be self-promotional or include marketing links.
  • Exception: When post is designed to highlight services or products that provide development growth to the Dr. Shelution community
  • All guest posts may include a 2-3 sentence author bio, which will be published at the end of the guest post. 1-2 links to the author’s website, blog or other branded online destination may be included in the bio.
  • All guest posts must be original and do not violate any copyright laws.
  • No guest posts will be published that have already been published elsewhere online.
  • Guest post submission is not a guarantee of publication.
  • Document should be in edit format. ie word, pages or google doc
  • All Submission will be sign up for drshelution’s weekly newsletter.


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