Inspirational Story – Risk Taker – Nicole Triplett

Risk Taker Risk Taker – Nicole Triplett

“Age is nothing but a number.” Earnestine Sheperd

I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many creative and entrepreneurial spirits.  These inspiring people work hard and yet have time to pursue other interest that bring them emotional and financial satisfaction.  Recently I was watching one of Oprah’s shows and she showed a clip originally found on about Ernestine Shepherd who is a 77 year old African American body builder and fitness trainer from Maryland.  The story told of her quest to honor her sister by getting fit and making history at 50 plus.  Her testimony and triumph is an inspiration to anyone that it is never too late to pursue change.   There is also no end to the potential and possibilities that await those that risk change.  

This story reminded me of my mom and her sisters who are always coming up with ideas to enhance their lives.  They have done many things they loved and turned them into money making ventures.  Many times these ventures evolved by meeting the needs of others.  In so doing the rewards have been used to supplement their ability to provide support for their children, grandchildren, church, community and themselves. More importantly they leave for us a legacy that it is never too late to make a difference.  With faith and perseverance any goal is achievable if you are willing to risk taking steps towards it.

Although; the aforementioned are great examples.  Today, I am focusing on my cousin Nicole.  She is a wonderful women who fulfilled her post education goals, worked for a reputable firm and opened her own practice.  All of this was achieved while being a single parent; which is a full time job in and of itself.  In addition she has sold hair and purses, organized trips and events and is now selling “glamberries.”  Wow!!!  Talk about someone who is willing to do what she can when she can; while working with what she has available to her at the time, this girl is an “awesome inspiration” in human form.

When Roxanne and I were talking about Nicole’s story, I thought to myself, why is her story so important to me?  Well, as I was growing up people would go to work at a company and stay there until they retired or died.  It seemed like stability was more important than taking risk.  Happiness took a backseat to responsibility and the internet had not brought the world to our fingertips.   Everything was funneled through your church or community and your means to communicate with that base.  Nicole is a reminder that we live in a vast and diverse world. Our ability to connect to people and things all over the world via social media and the internet help support our dreams.  We do not have to settle for one thing or one purpose; we can explore our options and learn and grow in the process.  Our willingness to take a risk, work hard, let it serve its purpose and move up or move on is key.  It is also vital to receive support from those that are able to give it; while releasing those that can not.

I, like Nicole, have done many things and have always had some business venture on the side.  But in recent years I have conformed more with my childhood idea of stability.  Transformation has been a part of my process but I have also rationalized putting things on the back burner or burial pile.  Thank you Nicole for living your life and in so doing waking me from my slumber.  You have reminded me that fear can hide in many places and time moves on whether you do or not.  Support from the universe will come as needed.  Life is for living, mistakes are only teachers, risk is faith in action and trust is confidence that  “all things work for your good.”

So, I am taking inventory of my assets and abilities.  Having grappled with the paralysis of analysis I am motivated and inspired to dust off my hidden dreams, pull out my ideas, let creativity flow and take a risk.  I realize that things work when you work them and that from the words of my late father in law “nothing beats “a failure” but “a try.”  Faith tells me what I need will be there when I need it.


So we will see; it looks promising for a new adventure to materialize on the horizon, to add to my day job and DrShelution, stay tuned to find out.


Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!!  

Ms Sheila


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