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In an effort to get rid of clutter, I have been going through old boxes of files.  I came across a document I created eight years ago: Praying on the Road.

Signs to a Better Life!

Signs to a Better Life!

One day while driving, I saw road signs, and I started praying.  I used this epiphany to keep my mind off my problems and get in some prayer time. I am sure people who passed or rode alongside me thought I was crazy.  There was no one in the car but me. I appeared to be having a conversation with someone whom they could not see.

As I approached a “Stop sign”, I would softly, repeat a familiar bible verse: “Be Still and know I Am God” (Psalm 46:10).  When I saw a “Hospital sign”, and I would say “by His stripes I am healed” (Isaiah 53:5). Each road sign I passed took on a whole new meaning, giving me encouragement and strength to continue.

This was especially comforting because I was at a very low period of my life.  I felt lost and alone. I questioned myself and if my prayers would be heard. I was working two jobs and owned a business, and I thought I didn’t have time to pray.  I was using every minute of every hour working to keep things afloat.

I had put limitations on God. I sometime felt that church was the only place that God would hear me.  Now I knew that God was with me everywhere, every day, every minute. Since then my relationship with God has evolved and becoming stronger every hour. I see and experience God in every aspect of my life, not just in church on Sundays.

“Praying on the Road” became my devotional center and my time to spend alone with God.  The more signs I saw, the more love messages I received from God.  I found myself jotting down notes and creating affirmations.  Before I knew it I, had collected images of road signs, forest preserve signs, and informational signs–all giving me deeper insight.

I began to understand that everything had meaning. I was beginning to see the glass as half full and not half empty.  It was a great relief to get day-to-day distractions and common noises out of my head and become free to have a conversation with God.  As time went by I got stronger and more confident in myself. Prayers were answered and my commute lessened. I kept my diary of notes as a reminder of just how far I had come.

“Praying on the Road”, a collection of personal notes, gave me hope and meaning. I want to share it with you.

With today’s technology I was able to create an ebook.  I reached out to my Aunt Ann and she gave it a new name “Signs to a Better Life” (the name of my e-book). My best friends, Karen and Sheila, helped me with editing–thanks ladies!

For a limited time you and your friends can download a copy for free (“Signs to a Better Life”). I pray you are blessed as much as I am.
Roxanne Wilkening MS Ed.


  1. Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide says

    A gripping, mesmerizing tale of truth told by a master. I applaud this, your latest essay, as it shows the depth of emotions and lifts the veil from your heart.

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