Sisterhood: Is not restricted

Sisterhood reminds us that “none of us can become ourselves by ourselves. ” Claire Zammit





“Sisters.”  I love my sisters. I love “sisterhood.”  There are three of us.  Each of us are different, unique and gifted in distinct and various ways.  We have not always agreed with or liked each others actions or choices.  Yet there has never been a question of our love for each other.  This unbreakable connection and closeness was formed and nurtured growing up.

We had wonderful role models for sisterhood. We grew up watching our mother and her sisters grow closer and closer together over the years.  We also were blessed to see our grandmother connect with her sisters and form a bond that seemed unbreakable.  No matter what happened or where they lived they could count on the “sisters.”

Sisterhood is not limited to blood relatives.  You can  have sisters of another mother.  There are no age, race, religious or other restrictions; you can choose to emulate the “spirit of sisterhood” to anyone.  My sisters and I each have other women in our lives that we value as sisters.  They have been with us and for us and the feeling was mutual.  Some have come into and exited our lives at different times and for different reasons.  Yet we shared the “spirit of sisterhood.”


Today I want to share with you  an edited post from Claire Zammit; check her out at Feminine Power, about the “transformative power of sisterhood.”   She reminds us that “none of us can become ourselves by ourselves.  We need to be mirrored, supported, challenged  and championed by each other to come into the fullness of our power and to unleash our brilliance.  Let’s commit to creating a new sisterhood.  Let’s go out of our way to support each other.  When we see a woman stepping up, let’s stand behind her.  When she stumbles, we can be there to help her up.  When she is challenged, its up to us to fight for her.  And when she triumphs, we should celebrate her wildly.”


It so important that we recognize and realize our significance in the lives of those we interact with daily.  This holiday season we ask that you open your heart and share your love and release the “spirit of sisterhood.”


Much love, Many blessings…Namaste!!!


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