Slow Cooker 6 Must Have Features

6 Must have Slow Cooker Features

Are you shopping for a “Slow Cooker”? Check out these 6 must have features. Having the right features can change your entire attitude about using a slow cooker.  A good “Slow Cooker” will save you time and money.  Check out my Spaghetti Meat Sauce recipe .  The great thing about this recipe is I have enough meat sauce for dinner and enough to freeze for later. The added bonus of the 5 quart size.


Timer that turns off cooker after 20 hours.

  • Having a programmable timer is a great safety feature in the event that you forget to shut it off.

Settings that with High, Low and Warm.

  • Cooking time can vary between high and low.  This is a great feature when time is a factor.  I also enjoy having the warm option when eating time can vary with guests.

Holds at least 5 Quarts.

  • Even with a 2 person family having at least 5 quarts is a must.  I would much rather freeze or have leftovers than taking the risk of not having enough.

Oval design that can accommodate large and odd shape items.

  • My first slow cooker was the tall upright design however I found it difficult to use with large chickens or roast.  Since I have started experimenting with different recipes which may call for a variety of ingredients I prefer the oval design.

Removable dishwasher-safe ceramic insert with a lip.

  • The reason I started using the slow cooker I wanted simple recipes with minmum cleanup. Having the ceramic insert either sprayed with cooking spray or a cooking liner makes cleanup a breeze.

Glass Lid

  • Yes I know a watched pot never boils, that why I enjoy the glass lid with the lip so I can peek inside and not losing valuable heat.

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