SMART Method – Transformation Tip

SMART Method – Transformation Tip


Transformation Tip 74: We established a plan to stay focused using  the SMART method to accomplish our goal.  We made a list of what needed to be done, established a timeline, prioritized, assigned tasks and held each other accountable.


SMART Method

SMART Method

Last week we were off and running on yet another Transformation Trip.  We left Illinois on two wheels headed for Kingsford Heights, Indiana aka Dodge City with SMART Method Goal in hand.  We were meeting at our parents home to connect, complete some tasks, and do some shopping. (Goal, Specific)  We had a short window and wanted to adhere to a strict schedule; so we had to plan and prioritize in order to get the job done.


We checked our calendars, set the date and requested the appropriate time off.  It also meant we had to establish what we wanted to do and what could be accomplished in our short two day window. (Realistic, Timely) We were determined to meet our goal and also be back in  Illinois by 3:00 on Friday. (Specific, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)


In order for this to happen we had to get up early and stay abreast of the time throughout  the whole process. (Measurable, Realistic)  Our satisfaction came when we actually completed our goal and were back on the road sharing our successes making it home by 3:00 thanks to the SMART method.  As a sidebar, if you are ever in Northwest Indiana check out Garwood’s for the best apples ever as well as Sharps and Mark Bailey’s Discount Center for incredible deals on everything from “soup to nuts.” 


We have talked about setting goals in the past.  It is not our intent to be redundant; but to provide friendly reminders that setting and realizing goals bring you joy and a true sense of accomplishment in your Transformation  journey. Whether its setting aside money for the holidays,  completing a diy project, taking a class, selling a home or moving to a new job, etc.  We all set goals but we all do not see them fulfilled.  It is our belief that it is because we fail to use the SMART Method in our planning to prioritize what is truly important to us.  It can often be easy to respond and react to the tyranny of the urgent instead of holding the course and staying focused on the real prize.


After our whirlwind trip; on the ride home, we did what we usually do and shared with one another reflecting on everything that happened that could assist in our transformation.  This time we were reminded how “no dream” and “no thing” was impossible when planned properly; with well thought out prioritization, discipline and effort. Sometimes we are paralyzed by fear over perceived limitations; which causes us to settle, instead of focusing and establishing priorities for what we really want. Seeing what we can accomplish when we put our hearts and minds together, a five year plan was born, on our ride home.  Together we decided to work towards something that would be meaningful to our families and ourselves.  It will take dedication and determination but we have a dream that given life in our mortal bodies and faith in our hearts we will achieve our goals.


As these plans unfold we will share our journey of transformation with you and urge you to write to us and share your journeys as well.  Contact us at  


Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!!  Sheila

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