Meditation: Insight and Wisdom

Insight and Wisdom for daily Meditation

Daily Meditation My Father I ask you to give us the insight and wisdom we need for this moment in our lives. There is so much we need to know, but are unable to figure it all out by our self. Today I asked that the Holy Spirit would take away the veil that has obscured our view, I asked that our eyes be open to see exactly what we need to know, we asked you Father to give us a real revelation about our lives, our situations and the truth we need to know and understand right now. We boldly declare that You have given us a spirit of wisdom and revelation regarding the truth we need in our lives right now. You have all the answers needed–answers we shall not find with our own reasoning.

Dr. SheLution

Benefits of a Truth Teller in your life.

Truth Tellers; someone that tells you the truth.

Truth TellerI can remember reading The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen. There are many variations of this story told throughout many cultures. It serves as a reminder that we all need people in our lives that are willing and able to tell us the truth. The majority of those around us will tell us what we want to hear. They will refuse to voice truth and echo what is thought to be the acceptable belief. Their fear will open the door for misguided information. If you are the recipient of their fear to speak truth you may find yourself symbolically naked, vulnerable and exposed in a very public way. The same ones who heralded you will proclaim loudly your faults and failure.

Pastor Kevin Gerald in Seattle, WA preached a message about respecting the roles people play and the gifts they bring to your life. We are often guilty of trying to make someone something that they are not; or making the relationship something it was never meant to be. That message helped me to appreciate every person in my life and to identify what their role was to me and my role to them. I must say it saves a lot of heartache when you can answer these questions.

  • What role is this person playing in my life?
  • Am I ready to receive the gifts that they bring?
  • Can I respect that this person and their gift may only be there for a season?
  • Is it possible for people to play different roles at different times?

This brings me back to the person I will name Truth Teller. They will speak truth; lovingly, firmly with conviction and without manipulation.

  • Truth has to be spoken boldly and without fear of retribution.
  • Truth is not personal or emotional .
  • Truth stands on its own it does not need an accomplice.
  • Truth is pure and innocent.
  • Truth will cause you to stand tall and walk sure.
  • Truth will heal, deliver and set you free.

Having a “Truth Teller” in your life is rare and priceless. I have been blessed to have had multiple “Truth Tellers” at different times throughout my life. One such “Truth Teller” has been my sister Roxanne. She has played various roles in my life and has always held a high standard for truth. Yet her confidence and ability to speak truth to me has been developed and nurtured over time. There have been others too numerous to name yet their voices guide me to this day. I also have “Truth Tellers” that have crossed over to the other side; however, their words ring as true today as when they were spoken during their lifetime. This is another reminder that truth is not taken to the grave; it lives on, in the hearts and minds of those it touches.

Recognize the “Truth Tellers” in your life. Embrace them in your family, in your friends and on your job. Do not allow your ego to swell with agreement or false praise. Embrace truth this will help you on your road to transformation.

They say that “what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger” well, I have learned the value of truth, how to be truth for others and receive truth for myself. Life is a balancing act:although; we may want to look at it through rose colored glasses, sometimes we have to accept that the glasses are dirty and need to be cleaned or that rose is not necessarily the best tint of the day.

Are you a “Truth Teller”? Can you embrace a “Truth Teller”? Create an environment where truth can be freely spoken and received. When sharing truth be genuine and unpretentious. When presented with truth respond with grace and humility. In either case walk with dignity and honor embracing its light.

Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!!
Ms. Sheila



Transformation Made Simple!!! How? We developed this blog to share simple solutions that can transform your life. Sometimes these transformations take place immediately and at other times it happens over time.

Transformation Made Simple

The Beginning

This time last year we were seeking a healing miracle for our mother who was fighting for her life. My sisters and our father found our lives immediately transformed by the love of family, friends and the health care professionals in charge of our mother’s care. Their simple acts of love and kindness changed the way we think, feel and act. We were transformed by the demonstration of love shared in the form of food, a place to stay, texts, emails, cards, etc. No action is too small or irrelevant when shared in love to someone in need. Something as simple as a bottled water or pop means a lot to a person who doesn’t want to leave the bedside of their sick loved one.



I have always been an avid reader but concentrating on lengthy articles, books and stories proved too difficult during this time. I came home and found my subscription to Daily Word had arrived and I also had a copy of The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo on my bedroom bookshelf. These short daily inspirational stories, affirmations, scriptures, quotes and exercises became my morning companions. This reading ritual strengthened my spirit and transformed the start of my days. It enabled me to be present for those that I loved. It gave me the courage to believe for our family’s miracle and be a source of encouragement to the many hurting people around us. Prayer and meditation has always been important to me; however, these tools helped me to focus. When I wake up every morning I embrace my morning reading ritual. My schedule and my life has evolved around it. A simple solution; to deal with a very painful time in my life, led to a transformation that has given insight, brought direction and provided joy and happiness as well as a great deal of peace.

A year later my mom is doing wonderful. She truly is a walking miracle. We are still amazed at how the simplest acts of love and kindness transform the giver and the receivers. We are finding more ways to share love with our family and friends. I am also still transforming morning after morning with the Daily Word and The Book of Spiritual Awakening by Mark Nepo.

I encourage you to order a subscription to Daily Word at or pick up a daybook like Mark Nepo’s of your choice. You can also decide to simply dare to share, your love, yourself and your time with someone else.

Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!! Sheila

SMART Method – Transformation Tip

SMART Method – Transformation Tip


Transformation Tip 74: We established a plan to stay focused using  the SMART method to accomplish our goal.  We made a list of what needed to be done, established a timeline, prioritized, assigned tasks and held each other accountable.


SMART Method

SMART Method

Last week we were off and running on yet another Transformation Trip.  We left Illinois on two wheels headed for Kingsford Heights, Indiana aka Dodge City with SMART Method Goal in hand.  We were meeting at our parents home to connect, complete some tasks, and do some shopping. (Goal, Specific)  We had a short window and wanted to adhere to a strict schedule; so we had to plan and prioritize in order to get the job done.


We checked our calendars, set the date and requested the appropriate time off.  It also meant we had to establish what we wanted to do and what could be accomplished in our short two day window. (Realistic, Timely) We were determined to meet our goal and also be back in  Illinois by 3:00 on Friday. (Specific, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)


In order for this to happen we had to get up early and stay abreast of the time throughout  the whole process. (Measurable, Realistic)  Our satisfaction came when we actually completed our goal and were back on the road sharing our successes making it home by 3:00 thanks to the SMART method.  As a sidebar, if you are ever in Northwest Indiana check out Garwood’s for the best apples ever as well as Sharps and Mark Bailey’s Discount Center for incredible deals on everything from “soup to nuts.” 


We have talked about setting goals in the past.  It is not our intent to be redundant; but to provide friendly reminders that setting and realizing goals bring you joy and a true sense of accomplishment in your Transformation  journey. Whether its setting aside money for the holidays,  completing a diy project, taking a class, selling a home or moving to a new job, etc.  We all set goals but we all do not see them fulfilled.  It is our belief that it is because we fail to use the SMART Method in our planning to prioritize what is truly important to us.  It can often be easy to respond and react to the tyranny of the urgent instead of holding the course and staying focused on the real prize.


After our whirlwind trip; on the ride home, we did what we usually do and shared with one another reflecting on everything that happened that could assist in our transformation.  This time we were reminded how “no dream” and “no thing” was impossible when planned properly; with well thought out prioritization, discipline and effort. Sometimes we are paralyzed by fear over perceived limitations; which causes us to settle, instead of focusing and establishing priorities for what we really want. Seeing what we can accomplish when we put our hearts and minds together, a five year plan was born, on our ride home.  Together we decided to work towards something that would be meaningful to our families and ourselves.  It will take dedication and determination but we have a dream that given life in our mortal bodies and faith in our hearts we will achieve our goals.


As these plans unfold we will share our journey of transformation with you and urge you to write to us and share your journeys as well.  Contact us at  


Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!!  Sheila

Transformation Tip – Get Away

Transformation Trip

We are dedicated to transformation. One of our simple transformation goals is to get away and do something together. Each month we agree upon a destination that will be fun, encouraging, educational and has the ability to lead us on our journey to self transformation.

Green Festival

Sheila & Roxanne at Green Festival



This weekend our transformation trip took us to the great city of Chicago. We attended the Green Festival at Navy Pier as well as a side stop downtown at the Eataly on Ohio and Grand. We were blessed with a Midwestern fall transformation and experienced gorgeous Indian Summer weather. If you have ever been to Chicago in perfect weather then you know there is no better place for transformation. Two sisters hanging out, having fun, eating good, shopping and learning “gotta tell you it was all good.”

This transformation experience started with chicken wings and freshly made apple juice with chia seeds. Yes, it only got better. We headed to the “Eataly Chicago” where we realized our first mistake; we should not have eaten anything, because this little mecca of all things Italian was a food lovers paradise. After a hour of shopping we quickly agreed; if we did not pull away from the “Foccacceria” laden with all things wonderful and the “Nutella Bar” serving freshly baked brioche and crepes stuffed with Nutella, we would have a weight transformation in the wrong direction of epic proportions. These were only two of the many eateries in this place. Even though we shared to cut down on our portions; all I could say was, “let’s run Roxanne, run and save ourselves.”

Off we went; headed to our next transformation station, Green Festival held at Navy Pier. To find a Green Festival near you go to As we entered the Green Festival we hope the dedicated vegans do not overdose on the dairy and meat toxins seeping from our pores, “lol”, no disrespect intended. Don’t judge, we are on the journey but have yet to reach the destination.

This experience was great. There was so many ways we could experience transformation in this area of our lives. Some simple others more complex but all doable. There was transformation that could take place immediately and others we would have to plan. We left with bags of samples, books and once again food; clean healthy nutritious food in our bellies, in addition to foot and back massages as well as attending the onsite classes.

We exited the venue only to realize our day had turned to evening and we would be returning home in Friday night rush hour traffic. Oh well, c’est la vie! Just look on the bright side; this must be a sign from the universe, we would enjoy the ride home and reward ourselves with pulled pork nachos at BBQ Productions in Third Lake. After all this traffic to end our transformation trip we deserve it.

Hope you enjoyed taking this transformation trip with us. Take the time to plan your very own transformation trip to help you relax, have fun and further educate yourselves on your transformation goals. Your trip could be as simple as a meeting at Starbucks or as complex as an Alaskan cruise. Whatever; just do something, that ignites you and encourages you to move forward. See you next week where we share how the transformation continues.

Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!! Sheila

Accountability Tip 25 – Establish and Maintain Your Focus through the Season

Halloween and all of its sweet filled indulgences are behind us and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  We can legitimately say we are in the midst of the Holiday Season.  This will signal the beginning of a marathon of eating, spending, and other guilty pleasures.

We lose focus on our true desires and succumb to temptations that take us away from our goals.  We promise ourselves that we will eat better, drink less, start a diet, curb our spending, and in other words get on track.

We say we will start on Monday or the next week. Then it moves to next year so we create elaborate New Year’s resolutions. Ultimately, we find ourselves in a cycle of procrastination and the Holiday Season turns into 52 weeks. Each week and throughout the year we say we will wait until everything gets back to normal.  Here’s a news flash, normal does not exist without a plan.

Let’s get focused and establish some real goals for getting and staying on track. Put a limit on your spending, eating, drinking, or any over indulgent habit that comes with this season.  No, we are not suggesting you be Scrooge.  However, to remain focused, in the words of our grandmother, “you must plan your work and work your plan.”  This simply means that you set goals, make them a priority, and actively work towards achieving them.

Plan it out.  Make it happen. Not sure how? That’s where we can help.  Dr. SheLution can transform your dream into simple steps.