Embrace Change – Take a warm bath.

Embrace Change – Take a warm bath.

I love taking a nice long bath to relax and unwind.  I know my sister would say add a glass of wine and you have a perfect date. If a bath is not your normal routine, I recommend you add wine, candles and soft music to make it a perfect “me time celebration”.

Take a warm bath

Embrace Change – Recycle Something

Embrace Change – Recycle Something

Recycle something by taking something old and make it into something new. My latest project is to take old sweaters and make mittens. I get a lot of great ideas from Pinterest.

If you are not a crafts person, start with recycling your trash.  Each week my recycle can is always fuller that my regular trash.

Recycle Something

Embrace Change – Oct 24

Embrace Change – Fast for 24 hours.

Lets fast today.  For some this is a big challenge, so break it down into something more manageable for your lifestyle.  If fasting for 24 hours is to long, then go till noon.  If that is a stretch try just giving up breakfast or eating nothing after sundown.

So often food controls us, lets turn that around and begin to control the food we eat.  If we can conquer this, than we can conquer anything.


Fast 24 hours

Transformation Tip 94 – #livelifefully


No one can truly predict the moment we inhale our first breath or when we will exhale our last breath. The whole concept of life and living fills us with awe and wonder. It is something to be treasured and lived to our fullest potential.

Live Life

In the last few months my family has experienced sudden and unexpected loss of life. It seems our hearts have barely had time to recover between the sorrow that has persistently knocked on our doors. During this time we also have family members that are dealing with terminal and life changing illness. I find myself feeling anxious every time I log onto facebook, receive a text or answer my phone. You see those that have exited our world has not been limited to the very old and sick. Those would have brought intense sorrow but also some degree of understanding. Rather for us it has been our young and vibrant future family and world leaders that left us with no warning and no chance to prepare.

Their departure reminds me of the encouragement my cousin, Ms Vic, said to me as she was preparing to transition from this life; live, nothing else is important, live, don’t worry about credit, money and the cares of life just live life to the fullest. Since her departure I have made a decision to live consciously and on purpose moment by moment. I have set aside any need to judge, condemn or live up to some ideology of what should or should not be. I have determined to make an effort to be present when dealing with those that I love and serve. Yes, I meant to say serve because in my heart and mind I serve each and everyone with whom I connect. Living to me is seeing, being and fully giving of myself selflessly. It is daily encouraging, motivating and igniting faith in others. It’s absorbing, finding and sharing information that enables one to live, love and be better. It is understanding we are all a work in progress. It is knowing that none of us gets to choose when our work is over. It is not knowing what age, what way or when we will take our last breath. It is being comforted that our memories will live on in the life of others. It is knowing that our legacy lies not in what we have done but in whom we have been each and every day in the life of others. Living means we are blessed w

Some lights shine for a fleeting moment, others longer and others brighter; but all leave an impact. So today I want to set aside my sorrow and personal need to grieve. I want to reach into my heart and ponder on the gratitude of having known or been exposed to these wonderful beings. So, although, each of you have made your exit your light and life lives on in me and I will diligently carry the torch of living life fully until time for my exit. Each day I am alive is a day I get a “do over.” I get the chance to #livelifefully! So today I am filled with joy and happiness, and my light just got brighter because of you.

If you have been touched by a recent loss of life please share how you plan to carry on and live life fully at drshelution.com

Much Love and Many Blessings…Namaste!!!

Ms Sheila
Namaste-the God in me salutes the God in you!!!

Changing Your Habits: Fast Food Restaurants

Five simple habits to change when going to a fast food restaurant.  

Eliminating fast food just may be too overwhelming, however, here are  five habits that will get you started or lessen the impact of a fast food diet.

Fast Food


  • No to super size
  • Substitute iced tea for coke
  • Substitute salad for french fries
  • No to drive thru
  • No eating in your car


No to super size

Let’s start saying “no” to supersize.  If you haven’t seen the documentary on “Super Size Me” by Morgan Spurlock this is a must see.  Watch the documentary to see what happens to Morgan, when he eats at McDonald’s for an entire month, you will be surprised.

Consumers want more value for their money; however, American portion size and serving size are not equal.  To get the perceived value of getting more for less means losing the health benefit of a balanced portion.  

Change your thinking to “less is” more by decreasing your serving size while increasing your benefits. Eating less will decrease your clothing size while increase your chances for a healthier life.

Substitute  Ice Tea for Coke

According to an article on livestrong.com a can of coke contains 9 ⅓ teaspoons of sugar in a 12 oz can of coke.  I enjoy drinking something refreshing other than water with my meal; so I have switched from drinking coke to unsweetened iced tea. Some may choose to drink diet coke has  an alternative but there is research to support that diet soda is not always a healthy choice. Drinking one diet soda a day was associated with a 36 percent increased risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes in a University of Minnesota study (Oct 29, 2013).  Check out the article “10 reasons to give up diet soda” on Fox news  for further research.

Do you order a drink with your meal?  If you are not ready switch to iced tea opt for a smaller size of your regular drink.

Remember you must crawl before you walk. One small change will lead to another.

Substitute salad for french fries

Many fast food restaurants are adding healthy alternatives to their menu’s.  If you want more than just a hamburger, add a small side salad instead of ordering french fries.  

Make an attempt to try something new with a lower calorie count.  Most menus display the calorie count for each item.

Take the time to add up the calories of your meal. When you total it you may choose to reconsider your choice if one meal blows your caloric intake for the day. Check out calorieking.com to see what your ideal daily calorie count should be.

No drive-thru

If fast food is your only option, then make it a habit to never use the drive-thru.  When ordering at the drive-thru we have a tendency to order on  autopilot the same thing just because it’s familiar. Just the thought of getting out of your car and going in may cause you to rethink whether you really want that meal or drink.  

When you are standing in line take a good look at the menu. Thoughtful consideration may show a healthier choice.  

No eating while driving

Don’t eat while driving.  Daily News reports that a staggering 80% of all car accidents and 65% of near misses are caused by distracted drivers more focused on their burgers than on the road.

There have been times when I used the drive thru, order a burger, fries and drink on my way to work. Before I got to the office (it is only two blocks from the drive thru) the hamburger, fries and half my coke was gone. I was driving and not aware of what or how much I ate.  I have frequently blamed my near empty bag on not getting a full bag of fries or I ordered a small hamburger.

I was lying to myself. The truth was I ate it so fast I didn’t even taste it–and I could have been in an accident.

The next habit I am going to break is eating while I drive.  This will reduce my risk of an accident and potentially help with my weight gain since weight gain is linked to eating on the run.

No eating in your car

Now that you have stopped eating when you drive,  let’s take it one more step and develop the habit of not eating in the car.  I cannot tell you how many times I have gone into work with ketchup stains on my blouse because I was eating in the car.  

The first time Rick cleaned my car when we were dating he came back from the car wash scratching his head wondering why there was a chicken bone under my seat. I just shrugged being too embarrassed to respond.

I also have to admit driving a car that smells like onions or garlic is not my most favorite thing to do. This is common in cars of people who eat and drive–and it is a rude and possibly unpleasant odor, very much like stale tobacco, for others who are riding with the driver.


The goal at Dr SheLution’s  is to give simple solutions to help you transform your life. These five tips will serve as a step forward in helping you eliminate fast food from your diet.

I was surprised that by just saying no to the drive thru decreased my consumption of fast food. Now I am starting to make tea at home, and it saves me a couple dollars each week.

Until next time embrace change by finding simple solutions. You, and everyone else, will benefit from your new solutions to old problems.

Roxanne Wilkening M.S. Ed