Embrace Change – My Decisions

Does my decision show…

I am reading “Yes or No” The Guide to Better Decisions by Spencer Johnson.  Here is a great question he say to ask yourself.  ” Does my decision show … I am honest with myself, trust my intuition and deserve better. Can I say light bulb moment.  This is just one tidbit of truth that is in his book, so I suggest you add it to your reading list.

Better Decisions


Narrow your focus – Tyler Perry

Narrow your focus were words that resonated with my spirit.

I woke up this morning wondering am I on the right path.  My heart needed some encouragement.  This post from Tyler Perry came across my Facebook feed and it was what I needed to hear.  

  • Narrow your focus.
  • Plant and water the seed.
  • Don’t Stop.

Thanks Tyler Perry for blessing someone you don’t know.

Embrace Change: Give something away

Its better to give than to receive.

Today embrace change by giving something away. In America we are blessed with abundance. Today share the love by giving something away. Remember one mans junk is another mans treasure.Sheila Evans is a master at turning used things into master pieces. Remember I made mittens from old sweaters. It can be anything, a book, magazine or cloths, etc.

Embrace Change Nov 10