Are you a Jerry?

Transformation Tip 80 – Are you Jerry?

Have you found your purpose? You never know who is watching you.  Does the love for what you do shine through? If your job does not bring out the best in you, ask yourself, am I in the right job?  I love sharing stories from members in our Dr. SheLution community, here’s one from LaToya that she posted on Facebook, that had me thinking about my purpose. Just reading this story one could feel that LaToya loves her job (customer service) and she loves finding people and developing people in customer service. As you read her story ask yourself am I a “Jerry” or what simple steps could I take to become a “Jerry.”

Are you Jerry?

Are you Jerry?


This week I was excited to get started and find the best of the best on the North Shore. I’m looking for a genuine smile, a pleasant demeanor, and a positive atmosphere created by the staff. Why? Simple. That’s what I want in my store. I’m determined to seek out the best and snatch them up to build a great team. After two days of heavily recruiting, I was tapped out. Store after store (0ver 75), I shopped around and experienced the exact opposite of what I was looking for. I decided to take a break and go through my emails. I plopped down on the first bench that I could find.  As I was sitting in the middle of the mall, I looked up. There was a gentleman smiling, moving quickly, and pushing a vacuum. He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Hello ma’am, how are you? I replied and he told me to have a great day. I continued to watch him walk through the mall and engage with others.

As he started to turn the corner, it hit me! JERRY, Jerry is my guy! I want a Jerry on my team. I jumped up and started running through the mall (sight to see). I see Jerry, and he’s going to turn another corner into a private hallway. What do I do? I start yelling. “Sir, Sir, excuse me!” He turns around with a smile, “yes ma’am, how can I help you?” After running through the mall, I am pretty sure I looked like I had an emergency, or slightly crazy. What I found out was no surprise. Jerry loves his job as a custodian and he enjoys helping people. I explained to him why I was running through the mall and gave him my card. Jerry’s smile got even bigger, he was flattered. He explained to me that this was his mall to keep clean, and he enjoyed it. It was a very nice of way of telling me thank you, but no thank you. I immediately realized that the purpose of me hunting Jerry down was not to offer him a job, but to remind me of numerous things…

Think on it. Jerry loves his job. Jerry has found purpose in his job. Jerry is the face I will see every time I think of a custodian. Are you that same person in your job? Do others seek you out? Are you complaining or encouraging? Are you smiling? When you see a crazy lady running after you, do you smile and wait on her? Or do you run?

The interaction with Jerry truly made my day! I am a “Jerry” as well. I just needed a reminder!

God Bless You (In Joel Osteen’s voice), Have an awesome week! Be a Jerry!


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