Embrace Change: Find Courage

Find Courage: A great quote from Lewis Timberlake calendar.

Each day my goal is to find more courage and do the things I love. Stepping outside my comfort zone can be hard, however staying in fear is more frightening. I love finding quotes or nuggets of wisdom to start my day.  I found this in my  “First Thing Every Morning” calendar.  These quotes are from January 4th, it was the perfect word to start my day.


Courage is:

  • Performing the task that would be easier not to do.
  • Mastering our fears and getting on with the wonderful things life has to offer — even when it appears there is no road on which to travel.
  • Flourishing in adversity and facing life’s disappointments head-on.
  • Not allowing fear to take over and control our lives. It is making plans for ways to overcome those fears.
  • Accepting the responsibilities that would be more comfortable not to accept.
  • Taking the least traveled path.

Resource: Lewis Timberlake calendar

Courage is: Not allowing fear to take over and control our lives. It is making plans for ways to overcome those fears. Click To Tweet



Embrace Change – Meditate for 5 mins

Embrace Change – Meditate for 5 mins

Oops … I got ahead of myself and posted November 3 this morning.  So here is Embrace Change for November 2nd.  Sometime we do get in a hurry, and we just need to slow down and breathe.  

Start your tomorrow off with Meditation/Prayer.  Set the pace for a great day.

Meditate for 5 Mintes

Embrace Change – Take a warm bath.

Embrace Change – Take a warm bath.

I love taking a nice long bath to relax and unwind.  I know my sister would say add a glass of wine and you have a perfect date. If a bath is not your normal routine, I recommend you add wine, candles and soft music to make it a perfect “me time celebration”.

Take a warm bath

Embrace Change – Oct 24

Embrace Change – Fast for 24 hours.

Lets fast today.  For some this is a big challenge, so break it down into something more manageable for your lifestyle.  If fasting for 24 hours is to long, then go till noon.  If that is a stretch try just giving up breakfast or eating nothing after sundown.

So often food controls us, lets turn that around and begin to control the food we eat.  If we can conquer this, than we can conquer anything.


Fast 24 hours

Meditation: Insight and Wisdom

Insight and Wisdom for daily Meditation

Daily Meditation My Father I ask you to give us the insight and wisdom we need for this moment in our lives. There is so much we need to know, but are unable to figure it all out by our self. Today I asked that the Holy Spirit would take away the veil that has obscured our view, I asked that our eyes be open to see exactly what we need to know, we asked you Father to give us a real revelation about our lives, our situations and the truth we need to know and understand right now. We boldly declare that You have given us a spirit of wisdom and revelation regarding the truth we need in our lives right now. You have all the answers needed–answers we shall not find with our own reasoning.

Dr. SheLution

Confusion Inspired By

“Our Father, all the confusion inspired by our weakness and our inadequacy and our failure, we make as a part of our offering to Thee. Forgive us for blindness, for pride and arrogance of mind, for the subtle conceit that undermines the integrity of all that we think, feel and do. Touch mind, heart and life, that as we move from this place of meditation into the way that we must take this week, we shall not be alone but shall feel Thy presence beside us, all the way.”

Have a Blessed Week

Dr. SheLution

Transformation Quotes: I believe

Transformation Quotes will change your life. Each day read positive words and affirmations to strengthen your spirit. ” I believe in the sun even when it is not shining. I believe in love even when feeling it not. I believe in God even when he is silent.” Jewish Prayer

Transformation Quote 25: Jewish Prayer


Accountability Tip 63 – Let Go of Expectation

Accountability Tip 63 – Let Go of Expectation

This year has been filled with challenges and triumphs. It seems everything has been different and not quite as we expected. Our family faced a series of unexpected health challenges that changed our plans for the summer and our future. There were job and business changes, losses, promotions and added responsibilities. The weather seemed to pay no attention to the seasons bringing spring late and summer yet to arrive. There were new babies and new drivers. Vacations were changed and weekly days off seemed to be rescheduled with little notice.

Reflecting on this I realized just how beneficial it could be to our spirit to just let go and release any and all expectation. It is during this time you have to know what you believe. We believe things happen for us and not to us. Disappointment comes when we determine or have an expected outcome of anyone or any situation and find it does not happen as we thought. This was just a reminder to let go of expectation. Everything happens for our good it is just up to us to receive and believe it.

When facing the days and weeks ahead; with all the busy work that comes with summers end, pause. Take a moment to breathe in deeply and exhale all the worry and anxiety that come with a preconceived outcome. Open your eyes and mind to new potentials and possibilities. Know what you want but accept that you will receive that which is for your highest good or better.

Much love, Many blessings Sheila