Mittens from old sweaters

DIY – Mittens

I went to a craft show and seen mittens made from old sweaters.  I was so excited I went home that night and searched for a DIY on Pinterest and YouTube. Can I just tell you I love the internet.  If you want to learn anything, search the internet and you will find it.

Sweater Mittens

Mittens from old sweater

Back to my mittens, when I say easy, this is a beginners project. You will have completed mittens within 2 hours.   Yes, from start to finish, done, ready to wear. The pattern is only 3 pieces.

Mitten Pattern


I went to the Goodwill and found a wool sweater for $3.00.  You can use a heavy knit but I prefer using a wool sweater.  For the lining I used fleece pj shorts.

Wool Sweater


I looked at several YouTubes and Pins on Pinterest but the best one for me was Sandy Luft-Schafer.  I liked Sandy video best because it was easy to follow and she included the pattern.

Need material:

  • Wool sweater
  • fleece material (old pj, shorts)
  • thread
  • paper
  • scissors
  • straight pins

Pattern – from Sandy Luft Schafer YouTube (below)

To Receive the Pattern:

  1. Email: “”
  2. An email will be returned instantly
  3. Click the links in the email
  4. Select “Print”
  5. Happy Sewing!!

This pattern is so easy I have already made 3 pair.  If you try it send me a picture.

Thanks Roxanne