Embrace Change – My Decisions

Does my decision show…

I am reading “Yes or No” The Guide to Better Decisions by Spencer Johnson.  Here is a great question he say to ask yourself.  ” Does my decision show … I am honest with myself, trust my intuition and deserve better. Can I say light bulb moment.  This is just one tidbit of truth that is in his book, so I suggest you add it to your reading list.

Better Decisions


Accountability Tip 23 – Change Focus

The Dr. SheLution Team practice what we teach.  What we write starts with us first. So, for the past week “Focus” has had our attention.  We discovered several things we would like to share.  First, some of our topics will be better explained if written in a series, allowing further dialogue, examples and explanation.  Moving forward introductions to topics will be done via our newsletter.  However, the series will be posted on our website.  “Genius”, I tell you.

Secondly, like most of you we encounter obstacles, but that’s ok as a matter of fact that’s great.  Obstacles; is the twin brother of Opportunity, it slows us down for our protection.  This is a good thing it causes us to stop, focus and evaluate.  It generates the question, are we on the the right path? It also creates the opportunity to course correct when needed.

Just imagine skiing down the slope of life going over small bumps, around trees, speeding up and slowing down and often falling along the way.  This makes the trip enjoyable enough to get on the lift and do it again.  If you didn’t enjoy the trip you would realize it’s not for you. The “Obstacles” along the way were  lessons to be  learned and the chance for you to discover another path which leads to more “Opportunity”.

Keep your Focus.  Remember “Obstacles” will generate questions, whereas “Opportunity” show you areas you may need to change.

Accountability Tip 22 – Power of Focus

“Focus” is the key that un-locks the door to opportunity.  First, you must determine what you want.   You are not trying to determine what your family, friends or partner wants for you.   The question is being asked of you. What do you really want? Avoid the generic safe answers I just want to be happy, I want to lose weight, I want to be in a good relationship or I want a job I love.  These are knee jerk answers that dims the “Power of Focus”

Take for example:

 I want to lose weight.
Why?   Because I am 50 pounds over weight.
Why?   Because I eat the wrong things at the wrong time.
Why?   Because I do not take the time to prepare or think about what I need to eat.
Why?   Because I have too many things to do.
Why?   Because I think I have to do everything myself or my way.
Why?   Because I am afraid if I let go it won’t get done or be done right.

Powerful answers require thought and involvement of the soul, it requires you to look deep within and ask yourself some hard questions.  Use the nested “Why Technique” to drill down to the real problem to pin point your Focus.

Asking yourself these questions can be overwhelming that’s where we can help. Contact Dr. SheLution for an appointment to get to the root of your problem, so you can get focused.

Accountability Tip 20 – Pulling the Thread

Pulling the ThreadIt is my desire that you find yourself pulling the thread that unravels your life, your issues and the universe. What is “Pulling the Thread”? Either alone or with a partner, explore your thinking–casting out nets and hauling things back for contemplation.

Pull and gather thoughts in search of the elusive end from circumstances, concepts, ideas and situations. Utilize whatever enters the heart, whatever comes to mind, whatever is in your hand, in a quiet battle for discovery, enlightenment and revelation.

We’re all just processing and reorganizing the world we encounter, and we are doing it on a daily bases. Pulling the thread helps you find the key to your deepest secrets, the understanding and revelation for much needed truth and guidance for daily living.