Wellness Classes – Madeleine Fuqua Garden

Free Wellness Classes at Madeleine Fuqua Garden

I am excited today I registered for Spring Classes at the Madeleine Fuqua Garden.  The Wellness classes are free and held on Saturday and Sunday’s, March 18 thru April 30.  You can register by calling Jack Benny Center for Arts 847-360-4740.

Check them out on Facebook at GreenTown Waukegan.

Wellness Classes


I found out about this from Anton Mathews on his FaceBook page VoteMathews2017.  Anton has been a great source for information on whats going on in Waukegan, IL.  Thanks Anton.

I am going to take notes and pictures so I will keep everyone posted. 

Wellness Class Schedule

Recycle: Bathroom Items

Don’t forget those bathroom items when you recycle.

I was surprised with the number of recyclables I found on my bathroom counter top. I also did not know that there are different types of recyclables and the recycle stamp is normally on the bottom of the item. 

Bathroom Recyclables


Did you know that only about 30% of #1 Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE) and #2 High-Desity Polyethylene (HEDE) plastic bottles and jars get recycled each year. That number can increase dramatically if Americans consistently recycle their bathroom items. 

Embrace Change:Recycle


#2 High-Desity Polyethylene (HEDE)

Examples of HEDE are milk jugs, clean agents, laundry detergents, bleach agents, shampoo bottles, washing and shower soaps.  With the exception of the milk a lot of these items can be found in your bathroom or laundry room.

#2HDPE Recyclables

Recycling kitchens items seem to come easier for us to remember than bathroom items. Our challenge is to increase our #2 HDPE items above the 30% average per year. Since these items take a longer time to consume, give yourself a memory jogger by putting a “X” with a permanent marker on all items that are recyclable.  My husband checks each trash container before taking out the trash to ensure everything gets sorted correctly.

Bathroom recyclables

 #1 Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE)

Examples of #1 PETE are soft drinks, mineral water, fruit juice containers and cooking oil bottles.  You can find these items in your kitchens.

#1 PETE Recyclables

The chart below gives great examples of recyclable items if you have questions.  For a great resource on recycling check out recyclebank.com

Recycle Chart








Diet starts Monday.

For the past week I have eaten everything that is not on the list of healthy. So when I seen this cheddar cheese jalapeño bagel it just called out my name. If that wasn't enough I added more than the two tablespoons of vegetable cream cheese. Let's not stop there pile some roasted turkey and wash it down with a ginger ale. Did I tell you this was breakfast and since I brought two bagels I repeated the same thing for lunch. Can we all agree the diet starts Monday.

BTW it was a savings I got the bagel for 70 cents at the bakery at Mariano's.


Saving Alert 4 – Water Heating Cost

Lowering your water heater's temperature from 140 to 120 degrees can reduce water heating costs by up to 10%. This temperature will also help prevent scalding. Check the owner's manual for safety instructions before making any changes to your water heater's settings. After lowering the temperature on the water heater, use a thermometer of water flowing from your faucets.

Source: North Shore Quick Tip