drshelution Wellness Center Vision

drshelution Wellness Center Vision

drshelution Wellness home a 5 acres Retreat Center in beautiful Northwest, Indiana. It is a retreat for Wellness.  Our facility holds our classes, workshops and social gatherings.  The property has a labyrinth and a walking path that runs along a beautiful creek.  The summer gardens grows organic fruits, vegetables and flowers.  We have chickens and a couple lazy dogs running around. To ensure we provide the best service available we partner with other like minded individuals to give you the best Wellness experience possible.

drshelution Wellness Center

Roxanne Wilkening your Accountability Partner

I am an Accountability Partner. My mission is to help people that want to grow but are stuck on what to do next. I help them set goals, establish milestones, and track progress in their Wellness Journey.

As an Accountability Partner we (Partners & Peers) look at the six dimensions of Health.

Diagram of wellness

Physical Health

I hold a weekly Weight Loss /Wellness call that provides support, encouragement and simple tips to help you make lifestyle changes.

Social Health

I provide workshops, classes and small gathering that allow you to interact and gain knowledge and support on your Wellness journey.

Intellectual Health

I role play and provide healthy exercises that will help you challenge your thinking and gain insight on what Wellness looks like for you.

Emotional Health

I provide love and support to help you on your journey. If you need more I connect you to my partners or peers that specialize in your area of need.

Spiritual Health

I am following my passion and I want to help you follow yours by partnering with you on your Wellness Journey.


Go Green … Live a life that protects you and the world around you.



Weigh down – January

January weigh down is 21 pounds

Congratulations to Weight Loss Group.  They worked off 21 pounds in January.  Looking for inspiration join us on Facebook

Our Weigh Loss group meets on a weekly conference call to share and support each others journey.

 January weigh down

  • The 1st Sunday of each month we do our weigh and measure.

1st Sunday weigh and measure


drshelution: I AM Statement

I know who I am, Do you know who you are?

The words are synonymous with God. You are who you say that you are. I encouraged my weight loss group to create their I am statement and repeat it every morning.  Words are so powerful, and so often we use negative words each day to describe ourself.  When the words are not spoken our thoughts become our enemy. 

Repeat after me. I am Great,  I am Valuable, I am Happy,  I am Amazing.  Sheila wrote a post last year “You are amazing”  check it out.


I Am


I know who I am, Do you know who you are? Click To Tweet



Practice your I am statement each morning in the mirror. Click To Tweet


Watch this great video by the late Wayne Dyer:

I used a I am creator and made this I am statement several years back.  I keep it to remind myself who I am and where I was at that point in my life. 

I am Dedicated and Determined

I wonder about life mysteries

I hear the voice of your heart

I see answers to problems


I want life to matter

I see the world thru God’s eyes

I am your friend


I Pretend I am not afraid

I feel the weight of the world

I touch sensitive areas that need healing

I worry my words may be misunderstood

I cry when I am not heard

I am the voice of reason


I understand life is short

I say eat the meat and leave the bone

I dream of endless possibilities

If nothing changes, then nothing changes


I am who I am

Because of what I believe…

Roxanne Wilkening 

Food Journal

Check Box – Food Journal

Are you overwhelmed with doing a food journal?  Start out slow and do this simple check box journal.  You will be surprised how this simple technique will give you insight on your eating habits.

Checkbox Food Journal

It is not the traditional write down everything you eat journal, but a check box journal. Example, if you eat breakfast, check the circle, the same for lunch, and the other items on the journal below.   The goal is to end your day with all your circles checked.

Do it for a week, and next week we will look cover your success and/or opportunities with your food journal.

I recommend that either you download this template or get a ring index notecards and copy the info. Click here for the a downloadable food journal.



Embrace Change – Life Lesson 101

Life Lesson 101 is to live life “Intentional and Consistent”

As I embrace change I have decided to live life more intentional and consistent. I look at my life wheel and ask myself how do I bring balance to my life? Each day I do two things that will make an impact in moving the wheel in a positive way and bring more balance to  my life. Thanks to my Life Coach Traci Brooks I am held accountable for my actions.

Life Lesson 101

3 Reasons to switch to a safety razor

3 Reasons to switch to a safety razor

Now that summer is quickly approaching it’s time to think about showing those legs again.  On my journey to eliminating plastic, a safety razor was top on my list.   I grew up using a safety razor, so I am familiar with them.   Here are 3 reason that makes a safety razor a viable option for me.

Safety Razor

  • Environmentally Safe
  • Saves Money
  • Eliminate Skin Irritation

Environmentally Safe

My primary reasons for switching to a safety razor is to eliminate plastic. Disposable razors may be convenient, but the plastic is bad for the environment.  A safety razor is stainless steel with a stainless steel blade. Environmentally, a safety razor is buy once and last a lifetime. The cost for a replacement blade is minimum, about 9 cents and they are also safe for the environment.

Saves Money

These days you can get disposable razors at the dollar store.  Cost may not be a factor unless you have a house full of women, which was me growing up with two sisters and my mom.

If you use a razor with a replacement blade, it can get expensive. Eliminating this cost is where you will see a real savings.  Depending on your usage, you can expect to save as much as $200 per year.

Like all products,  a safety razor price can range from $10 to $50.  I purchased Van Der Hagen Safety Razor .  Why wait order yours today.  Click the Safety Razor below and have it delivery to your home today.

A  safety razor  is great for sensitive skin.  Safety razors make cleaner cuts and are less likely to cause ingrown hair.  Shaving with a safety razor means only a single blade comes in contact with the skin, compared to 3 or 4 with a disposable.  A single blade decreases the chance of skin irritation.  

I have also found that hair removal creams can be the cause of skin irritation, which I also avoid using.  If it is strong enough to remove hair, can it really be healthy for your skin? Just saying!

Why the switch?

Switching to a safety razor is environmentally safe, saves money and helps eliminate skin irritation.   The safety razor is an inexpensive solution for a greener and healthier world for the next generation, so why not give it a try. Don’t forget to order your razor today.  Van Der Hagen Safety Razor

If you are looking for a simple solutions that will help transform your life, follow us on Facebook and join our group “Embrace Change Today” also on Facebook. We would also like to hear from you if you have discovered a simple solution or embraced a change.


Roxanne Wilkening MS Ed.

Inspirational Journals: Leaving a Legacy

Inspirational Journals by Sheila Evans.

Each week Sheila shares her inspirational journals on how she is transforming her life.  This weeks she speaks on “Leaving a Legacy”.  Sheila makes a case for living in such a way that your life becomes your legacy and in so doing your spirit lives on forever.


Inspirational Journals

Out of my ashes will rise a new phoenix.
A soaring being returning from death proving once again that life is eternal.
I live forever because the spirit never dies.
I will return in another body in another time, but it is me.
The me who is me now will always be.
As long as I live, I learn.
And I live forever.
Carmen Colombo

There are many schools of thought on life after death. Some believe in the existence of heaven, hell, purgatory or reincarnation to name of few. It is not my desire to argue for or against anyone’s personal view or belief system. But rather I want to make a case for living in such a way that your life becomes your legacy and in so doing your spirit lives on forever.

We were blessed to grow up with our maternal and paternal grandparents houses next door and across the street. We were even gifted for a time to have our paternal great grandparents alive to touch our lives. We grew up in a small town and all of the families in the neighborhood played a role in our lives. In many ways these wonderful people live on in my life today. They exist because their love was imparted in our lives daily. They live because they taught us how to be a family, how to love others and to stick together. They exist because they impacted their families, churches, communities and instilled that same drive in us. They exist because they shared their stories and deposited wisdom nuggets in our life; in a way that we could digest it, and that would stay in our hearts and minds throughout time. They were not without fault yet they shaped us with their strengths and weaknesses. If you were privileged to grow up around these iconic people; who lived in Kingsford Heights or as we lovingly referred to as “Dodge City” in rural Indiana, then you will understand and embrace that sense of family and community. Their impact is forever etched in our hearts and will be taken wherever we choose to live.

Roxanne and I started on this journey gathering stories, recipes, tips and ideas. We wanted to find a way to archive that information so that we could learn, grow and live from it. In the process we thought others might want to share in our bounty. So we created DrShelution as a vehicle to hold all that we would learn on our journey and some how make that process easier for those to come. We wanted the legacy to live on.

Last week we talked about Nicole Triplett and we realized in telling her story that there were other extraordinary people that are direct descendants of that culture. We also recognized if we wanted to leave a legacy of all that we had been given then others might want to do the same. Although; you all may not share our experience, heard our same stories or been touched directly by those that touched us, you are living a life worth leaving a legacy. As people we are bright, creative, talented, fearless and full of faith. Young and old, those that have passed on and those on the way, make a difference. What would happen if our stories were shared? We were raised to share our testimony. We were told to boldly declare the good and wonderful ways our hopes and dreams were fulfilled. This simple act of sharing can open up a vision worthy of our energy to pursue and conquer it. We looked up to people and others look up to us and so forth and so on. So it was with this intention that this forum was created.


We will tell our stories, share recipes, offer tips and ideas that will help you transform your life. In so doing this blog will become a vehicle to archive all the information we find enabling us to leave a legacy for future generations. Some of you may identify with our history, others may need or want to share that experience. Whatever causes you to read or share with us you are all welcome to join us in our efforts to create a community that leaves a legacy for future generations. Sharing with them our struggles and triumphs on the road to transformation. Just as our past has shaped us and we have made a choice to keep the good and learn from and release the rest; others will take the best of who we are and what we have left to continue on their journey. The journey that’s what leaving a legacy is all about.

Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!!
Ms. Sheila



A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Sir Winston Churchill

OptionsOptions. I am blessed to have options in my life. The world I live in is filled with options. Why is this important ? Well, according to a google search definition “an option is a thing that is or may be chosen. It is a choice, an alternative or a recourse.” This idea of “options” gives me a sense of peace and reduces stress. Even on my job we have been encouraged to give people options allowing them the opportunity of choice. This led me to share how options have impacted me personally.

A little more than a year ago I felt so indecisive about my job, what I would do when my daughter graduated, whether I wanted to live in the midwest, etc. It felt as if I had so many questions yet so few answers. It appeared as if I was stuck with very few choices. Doubt and fear were hiding my dreams.

During this time my mother went through a critical health crisis and survived. Needless to say this was a definite reality check. All of a sudden I had to reevaluate what was truly important. Then I was given the opportunity and made the choice to change jobs. This new job was a great fit for me it aligned more closely to my values, ideas about servicing people and allowed my gifts to be brought to the surface and shared. That decision alone has opened my eyes to this idea of options. It may be that you are in a season where you need to work to help meet the needs of your family or for your personal benefit but where you work and what you do is a choice. There may be options available if you open your mind and heart to them. I believe when we align ourselves with the flow of all that is good then good will come our way.

The midwestern winters also made me contemplate where I wanted to live and if a move was imminent when my daughter graduates. Should I create a retirement home on my parents property in Indiana allowing me the opportunity to be with them and travel, should I return to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to my son and give my daughter a chance to return to her birth state or should I stay in Illinois. I found myself struggling to make decisions and I felt as if I needed immediate direction and answers. Then I came to myself; through the help of my “truth teller” Roxanne and my dad. The reality was I have options; I do not have to live in a sea of indecision, I can pursue my options day by day knowing that the right path will unfold itself in time.

Today, I am very happy for where I am in my life. I am embracing my mid fifties authentically and in the present moment. I have made the choice to embrace this mantra shared with me by my mom; I will “cheat on my doubts, break-up with my fears and marry my dreams” day by day one step at a time. As such I feel very sure and confident the options available to me in this next chapter of my life will allow me the opportunity to live my life for my highest good or better.

Carpe Diem, seize the day and recognize the options in your life. More encouragement at drshelution.com.

Much love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!! Sheila

Meditation: Insight and Wisdom

Insight and Wisdom for daily Meditation

Daily Meditation My Father I ask you to give us the insight and wisdom we need for this moment in our lives. There is so much we need to know, but are unable to figure it all out by our self. Today I asked that the Holy Spirit would take away the veil that has obscured our view, I asked that our eyes be open to see exactly what we need to know, we asked you Father to give us a real revelation about our lives, our situations and the truth we need to know and understand right now. We boldly declare that You have given us a spirit of wisdom and revelation regarding the truth we need in our lives right now. You have all the answers needed–answers we shall not find with our own reasoning.

Dr. SheLution