A Hero Lies In You

A Hero Lies in You – Lyrics by Mariah Carey.  Look inside you and be strong.  And you’ll finally see the truth.  That a hero lies in you.  

A Hero Lies In You

A Hero Lies In You

My family and I love to watch science fiction and or fantasy type pictures.  We love to root for our superheroes and yet are intrigued by the villains that oppose them.  Often these stories reinforce our wanting to believe that good will prevail.  Yet they subtlety remind us that there is an element of light and dark or good and evil in each of us.  Sometimes the writer shows us that the birth of a hero or villain or something in between is created by the happenstance of life.  In many ways these creative, imaginative stories parallel our lives in an exaggerated form even though they are written purely for our entertainment.

We love to be entertained and it is reflected around the nation as we are in the midst of the Mardi Gras season and the beginning of the Lenten holiday.  That means, especially in New Orleans, a lot of parades and masquerade parties.  During these celebrations we can hide behind masks and costumes finding joy pretending to be someone or something else.  Then many will take the 40 day period leading up to Easter to make personal sacrifices, change, habits or give money or time to a special cause.

I will use the spirit of Mardi Gras and the infamous masquerade parties to symbolically replace my mask or need to hide with the face of my inner hero.  The 40 day Lenten journey will be used to address my inner villainous nature and make choices to operate as a real life hero.  This will also be a time to assess the tools I have gained through my connection with the heroes and villains I have been exposed to in my life.

Can you believe you are a hero in the making?  Do you realize this is a journey to acquire the necessary skills and to allow your inner hero to develop?  Do you recognize the superheroes in your life past and present?  Do you acknowledge the life lessons you have learned from those you deem as villains?  Do you recall the times in your life that you have served in the role of hero and/or in the role of villain?  In remembering your role as villain, did you learn the necessary lessons to operate more fully in the role of a hero?  Why the challenge you might ask?  Well I believe the world is full of heroes and it is waiting for us to emerge!!! It is time for champions of good to take their place.  Hero arise and impact your family, your friends, your work, your community and your world!!!

Do you have a hero in you life you would like to share with us? Or, do you have your own inner hero story waiting to be heard?  Share with us at drshelution.com or email us at roxanne@drshelution.com

Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!!  Sheila