Thanksgiving Traditions can change.

Transformation Tips – Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving Tradition

How are you choosing to celebrate Thanksgiving? Sheila and I both work retail which means working on Black Friday. Our family tradition is to go to my Aunt Ann’s home in Michigan.  Although; this will be an enjoyable feast with plenty of food and family, our schedule does not permit us enough time to participate.


Sometimes having your plans set makes your decision easy, no thinking; it’s what you do, like it or not. However; if you are like us, transplanted in a different state and on a journey of change,Thanksgiving becomes a quest. We have one day off.  How do we spend it?  Are we selfish or do we share our time? We went back and forth. What do we want to eat? Where are we eating? Should it be early or late?  Do we invite friends, eat together or stay at our own homes?


These meaningful questions caused us to think about what is really important and brought clarity to how we wanted to embrace this Holiday. Thanksgiving, for us, is a day of gratitude. It’s not about the food, but being thankful you have food.  It’s not about having to gather together as a family, but being thankful that you have family.  Being thankful that your family has progressed in their thinking and understanding that things do change. Families have expanded for some and declined in others. Tradition may differ even within families and that is ok, make adjustments,   love, and be thankful for one another.


We love being open to change. So this year our new Thanksgiving tradition is to challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zone and experience something different.  How do you know if something is right or wrong if you don’t try something new.  Expand your horizons, if your only experience is eating turkey and going to grandmothers house, you may miss out new opportunities.


If you are up for the challenge start simple, add a new dish to the menu.  You may consider inviting a different friend or un-invite the problem maker. We’re planning on staying up late watching movies on Wednesday, starting a puzzle on Thursday, getting a care package from Sheila or eating leftovers from the fridge. Maybe I will make our breakfast casserole and skate through the day with just a sponge bath “lol”.  


Whatever we end up doing it will be with love and gratitude and a spirit of Thanksgiving.”  So whether you follow a long family tradition or make up a new one this year just be happy and thankful that you made it another year. So again, Happy Thanksgiving, to all our readers, thank you for being apart of our family, sharing our stories, and walking with us on this journey called life.  We are blessed to have you in our lives.


Much Love and again Happy Thanksgiving 

Roxanne & Sheila 


  1. SEL DUNLAP says

    Suggested ideas to enjoy this Thursday.

    Write a friend a three page letter saying all the good stuff a true friend should hear from you. Express your appreciation for the enlighten view on life they have brought to your realization.

    Practice a new laugh to test during the coming season. Learn some stale jokes with punch lines focused on 1953. View a documentary on Peter Tosh, Reggae Legend. Read Martin Luther King’s letter from the Birmingham jail.

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