Benefits of a Truth Teller in your life.

Truth Tellers; someone that tells you the truth.

Truth TellerI can remember reading The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen. There are many variations of this story told throughout many cultures. It serves as a reminder that we all need people in our lives that are willing and able to tell us the truth. The majority of those around us will tell us what we want to hear. They will refuse to voice truth and echo what is thought to be the acceptable belief. Their fear will open the door for misguided information. If you are the recipient of their fear to speak truth you may find yourself symbolically naked, vulnerable and exposed in a very public way. The same ones who heralded you will proclaim loudly your faults and failure.

Pastor Kevin Gerald in Seattle, WA preached a message about respecting the roles people play and the gifts they bring to your life. We are often guilty of trying to make someone something that they are not; or making the relationship something it was never meant to be. That message helped me to appreciate every person in my life and to identify what their role was to me and my role to them. I must say it saves a lot of heartache when you can answer these questions.

  • What role is this person playing in my life?
  • Am I ready to receive the gifts that they bring?
  • Can I respect that this person and their gift may only be there for a season?
  • Is it possible for people to play different roles at different times?

This brings me back to the person I will name Truth Teller. They will speak truth; lovingly, firmly with conviction and without manipulation.

  • Truth has to be spoken boldly and without fear of retribution.
  • Truth is not personal or emotional .
  • Truth stands on its own it does not need an accomplice.
  • Truth is pure and innocent.
  • Truth will cause you to stand tall and walk sure.
  • Truth will heal, deliver and set you free.

Having a “Truth Teller” in your life is rare and priceless. I have been blessed to have had multiple “Truth Tellers” at different times throughout my life. One such “Truth Teller” has been my sister Roxanne. She has played various roles in my life and has always held a high standard for truth. Yet her confidence and ability to speak truth to me has been developed and nurtured over time. There have been others too numerous to name yet their voices guide me to this day. I also have “Truth Tellers” that have crossed over to the other side; however, their words ring as true today as when they were spoken during their lifetime. This is another reminder that truth is not taken to the grave; it lives on, in the hearts and minds of those it touches.

Recognize the “Truth Tellers” in your life. Embrace them in your family, in your friends and on your job. Do not allow your ego to swell with agreement or false praise. Embrace truth this will help you on your road to transformation.

They say that “what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger” well, I have learned the value of truth, how to be truth for others and receive truth for myself. Life is a balancing act:although; we may want to look at it through rose colored glasses, sometimes we have to accept that the glasses are dirty and need to be cleaned or that rose is not necessarily the best tint of the day.

Are you a “Truth Teller”? Can you embrace a “Truth Teller”? Create an environment where truth can be freely spoken and received. When sharing truth be genuine and unpretentious. When presented with truth respond with grace and humility. In either case walk with dignity and honor embracing its light.

Much Love, Many Blessings…Namaste!!!
Ms. Sheila


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