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Members Only Weight Loss Class

Welcome to the “Weight Loss Conference Call” our mission is to provide support and encouragement that will help you on your weight loss journey. Weight is not always what we see on the scale but also a reflection of what we are carrying in our mind.

Man looks on the outer appearance, however, God looks at the heart. If you have stress, insecurity, anxiety you are carrying cellular weight, which will  weigh you down.  When you begin to let that invisible weight go, you will then begin to see visible changes in your mind and your body.

Our goal for the “drshelution” weight loss call is to help you identify that weight be it mental or physical  and loss it for good. In order to do that we will offer Simple Solutions that will help you transform your life — mind, body and spirit.

We will connect every Thursday at 7:00 to 8:00 pm.  We ask that you dial in 5 minutes early and have all material printed and available prior to the 7:00 start time.  This will ensure that the class starts on time and everything will run smoothly.

The agenda, along with supporting documents and recipes will be available on the drshelution.com website. For drshelution” to continue to provide this free service please visit our site and share our posts.  We are also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter don’t forget to always like and share.


Week 1 – Understanding Your “Why

Week 2 – Setting your Goal

Week 3 – Establishing a Plan

Week 4 – Establishing Accountability and Milestones 

Week 5 – Finding Time

Week 6 – Start, Stop or Continue