Conference Calls


Weekly Conference Calls

Every Thursday @ 7:00 – 8:00 pm CST we hold a free (1 hour) Weight Loss & Wellness Conference Call. Did you miss our call? No worries, you can download them below for $1.00 per call.  The calls are unedited, taped live with real people who have real questions. 

Our calls address the (6) dimensions of health.  To find true happiness you need balance. With just neglecting one area,  you can find yourself off balance and searching for something more.

The goal of our call is ask simple questions that make you think and address areas in your life that might throw you off balance. One dollar a week is a small invest, its less than what you would pay for a soda. 

Dimensions of HealthConference Call

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Environmental 
  • Financial 




August 3  – Impulse 

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July 27 – It don’t have to be hard  

July 20 – Me and my big Mouth – 

July 13 – Where can we cut the “Fat”  

July 6 – Understand Your “Why”  


June 29 – Pace Yourself – 

June 22 – Checkup – Compare life to Bike Checkup – 

June 15  – Interview Eric Jones –

June 1 – Savings Alert – 

May 25 – Your Thoughts 

May 18 – Beliefs, Feelings and Behavior 

May 11 – Does your life resemble a Baker or Cooker 

May 4 – Your Recipe for Life 

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April 27DIY Epson Salt 

April 20Traditions 

April 13Start your garden. 

April 6Hours in a week.